Inquiry Circles

The Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence at Stetson University supports teacher-scholar development, professional/practitioner-scholar development, and curricular/co-curricular collaborations through the award of Teaching and Scholarly Inquiry Circle mini-grants (up to $500). Stetson University faculty members, and Campus Life & Student Success staff are invited to submit proposals.

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Teaching Inquiry Circles

Teaching inquiry circles are small groups who meet regularly during the academic year to develop a common interest, discuss and build community around a dilemma, issue or approach to learning, and disseminate what they have learned together to the Stetson community and beyond. Where appropriate, students are invited to be members.  A wide variety of ideas qualify for consideration.

Scholarly Inquiry Circles

Scholarly inquiry circles bring 4-6 members, preferably from more than one discipline, together consistently during the academic year to support each other’s scholarly work, provide feedback on projects and hold each other accountable. Scholarly inquiry circle members hone their skills in communicating their scholarly work to a cross-disciplinary audience, to hold each other accountable, provide critical peer review and support in the service of obtaining scholarly and creative goals.

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