Rachel Boldman, LMHC

Co-leading the Student Resilience Teaching Circle in 2015-2017 with Rebecca Stone (Outreach Coordinator and Mental Health Counselor) inspired and strengthened our commitment to student resilience. We were able to discuss low student resilience and how it affects the wellbeing of the individual students as well as the campus climate and culture. We were also able to brainstorm ideas with faculty and other staff about how to assess and improve resilience in the Stetson community. The Counseling Center staff have incorporated more messaging about resilience and strengthened our focus around solution-focused interventions as a result. Our “Operation: Resilience” event during John B. Well Week was given that title because of our work with the Teaching Circle. It was wonderful to get to know faculty members on a deeper level and share our ideas. I hope to participate in the Teaching Circles again in the future! I think they improve our resilience as faculty and staff!!