Our Mission …

We recognize that the online transition due to the COVID-19 pandemic can be disruptive to the work of our faculty and staff. In order to uphold our values and assist you during this unprecedented time, the staff at the Brown Center will focus on providing all full-time and part-time faculty with individual attention as needed. Members of the teaching faculty can call or email the program manager or director directly with their specific needs, and we will strive to either address needs ourselves or connect them with the appropriate campus office.

Program Manager: Chris Griffin (cggriffi@stetson.edu) | 386.822.7485

Faculty Director: Harry Price (hprice@stetson.edu)

The Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence promotes faculty vitality and vibrancy in all facets of faculty life (learning and teaching, scholarship, leadership and service) by offering programming, mentoring and consultancy that spurs innovation and sustains excellence.

CiCi & Hyatt Brown

The Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence at Stetson University, made possible through generous donations by Hyatt and Cici Brown, began offering programming in August 2014.

Our directives for the center are two-fold: (1) to ensure active and continuous support of Stetson Faculty as life-long leaders and innovators and (2) to assert Stetson as a national higher education leader by modeling the University’s distinctive character of learning and teacher-scholar role for future faculty.

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