RECAP: SoTL Workshop III – Choosing your methodology

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Friday, February 24 in Library Rinker Welcome Center, 306

Workshop Goals

You will …

  1. identify potential methodologies for examining your SoTL research question,
  2. understand what ethical issues can arise in SoTL research across varying methodologies, and
  3. be able to use MentorIRB to submit subsequent proposed SoTL research protocol for review
  1. review the recap from the first workshop here.
  2. “Mine” the three articles you found to find the methodologies used.
  3. Scan Hubball (2000) – download full text

[Review the presentation]

Activity 1: Methodology Round-up
Activity 2: Methodology Free-write & Elevator Pitch

Reflect on your SoTL research question. What method/s will help you answer your research question?

Activity 3: Methodological Approaches and Considerations for SoTL

Review Table 1 from Hubble & Clark (2010).

  1. Who are the research subjects?
  2. What are the potential risks?
  3. What ethical issues could arise that must be addressed within the methodology protocol?
Activity 4: Participatory Research Question Gallery Walk & Vote
Activity 5: IRB Presentation and Q&A

[Download Presentation: Ethical Principles in Research]


  • Ticket out the Door: Enter your current refinement of your research question at:
  • Homework: Find two journals and two conferences that would be appropriate venues to disseminate your SoTL work.

Upcoming Dates

  • Mar 31, 2-5pm: Resources & planning for dissemination (IV)
  • Apr 7: SoTL Roundtable at the Colloquium on Teaching & Learning Innovation


Hubball, H., & Clarke, A. (2010). Diverse Methodological Approaches and Considerations for SoTL in Higher Education. The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 1(1).