RECAP: 2017 Colloquium on Teaching and Learning

On Friday, April 7th, the Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence hosted the 3rd annual 2017 Colloquium on Teaching and Learning in the Lynn Business Center on the Stetson University campus.

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keynote by Richard F. Vaz, Director, Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Center for Project-Based Learning
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Project-based learning is an effective strategy for engaging students in authentic learning experiences that can develop a wide range of transferable skills and abilities. Using Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s curriculum as a case study, Dr. Vaz will describe how project-based learning can be used in and out of the major and across all four years of an undergraduate curriculum. Participants will explore examples of projects on campus, in the local community, and around the globe. He will present results from a study looking at the long-term impacts of project work on alumni, and will share some lessons learned from four decades of project-based education at WPI.


Program Design for Outside Classroom Experiences

Interactive Workshop
Ryan Manning, Student Development and Campus Vibrancy

Simulations, Technology and Flipped Classes: How Best to Engage?

Sharing Session
Alan Green, Economics and David Hill, Political Science

How Much is Grade Inflation and How Much is More Effective Education?

Birds of a Feather
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Valrie Chambers, Accounting and Business Law

Diversifying Student Leadership

Sharing Session
Kristin Gregory and Lizzie Dement, Student Development and Campus Vibrancy

Project-Based Learning using Raspberry Pi

Sharing Session
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Hala ElAarag, Mathematics and Computer Science

Senior Design Capstone Integrated and Collaborative Learning Approach

Sharing Session
Nabeel Yousef, School of Engineering Technology, Daytona State College

Minding the Gap: Engaging Conversations and Difficult Dialogues

Birds of a Feather
Shawnrece Campbell, Adult Degree Completion; Susan Peppers-Bates, Philosophy; Rajni Shankar-Brown, Education; and Sharmaine Jackson, Sociology, Anthropology and Public Health

Integrating the Best of Both Worlds: Problem-Based Learning in a LearnerCentered Course

Interactive Workshop
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Dejan Magoc, Health Sciences; Nicole Porther, Sociology, Anthropology and Public Health; Delphine Pinet, Chemistry; Holley Lynch, Physics; and Nadine Bascombe, Health Sciences


The Future Visualized: Changing Education Through Post-Graduate Success Data

Interactive Workshop
Resche Hines and Angela Henderson, Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Innovative Approaches to Complex Challenges – Keynote Breakout

Interactive Workshop
Richard F. Vaz, Paula Quinn, and Charlie Morse, Center for Project-Based Learning, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Bust the Bubble: Collaborating with Community Partners for Dynamic Experiential Learning

Interactive Workshop
Continuum of 5 Models of Service LearningQuestions | Prezi |  Reflection Toolkit
Savannah-Jane Griffin and Amber Finnicum-Simmons, Center for Community Engagement
Volusia County Non-Profit Partners


Transgressive Transformations: Explorations of Activist Education

Sharing Session
Emily Mieras, Mayhill Fowler and Andy Eisen, History
Steven Smallpage, Political Science
Melinda Hall, Philosophy
Pamela Cappas-Toro, World Languages and Cultures
Jelena Petrovic, Communication and Media Studies

Inspire Change – Intervene!

Interactive Workshop
Colleen Vanderlip, Wellness and Recreation
Erin Kelly, Wellness and Recreation

How to be a Productive Writer During the Semester

Interactive Workshop
Michael Eskenazi, Psychology
Madison Creech, Creative Arts
Vernita Glenn-White, Education
Antonio Golan, Communication and Media Studies

Being Present: Contemplative Practices to Increase Student Learning and to Keep You Sane

Interactive Workshop
Andy Dehnart, Communication and Media Studies and Lua Hancock, Campus Life and Student Success

Global Citizenship Collaboratory

Birds of a Feather
Paula Hentz and Roxanne Lewis, WORLD: The Rinker Center for International Learning
Jessica West, Finance

The Courage to Teach: Using a Faculty Learning Community to Reframe the Role of the Professor

Interactive Workshop [open prezi]

Carol Azab, Marketing
Rachel Core, Sociology, Anthropology and Public Health
Madison Creech, Creative Arts
Heather Edwards, Mathematics and Computer Science
Michael Eskenazi, Psychology
Sharmaine Jackson, Sociology, Anthropology and Public Health
Shun Kiang, English
E. Lamerial McCrae, Counselor Education
Joyce Mundy, Education
Grace Ramsey, Creative Arts
Michele Randall, English
Rajni Shankar-Brown, Education
Petros Xanthopoulos, Decision and Information Sciences

Unconference Participatory Workshop

Interactive Workshop
Julia Metzker, Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence Rosalie Richards, Office of Academic Affairs and the Provost



hosted by the Center for Project-Based Learning at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Widely recognized as a high-impact educational practice, project-based learning (PBL) is increasingly being used to enhance student learning and skill development. The institute, delivered by Dr. Rick Vaz and colleagues from the Center for Project-Based Learning at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) explores ways to use PBL engage students with real-world, complex challenges. Participants include teams from Stetson University, Capital University, Florida Polytechnic University and  Daytona State College.