Innovative Course Design Workshop II: Essential Learning Goals (Recap)

Facilitator: Julia K. Metzker
Date: 06 Oct 17, 2:30-4pm
Topic: Essential Learning Goals – Constructing learning goals that challenge, foster critical thinking, and prepare students to be successful global citizens.

Workshop Goals

  • draw connections between your course and the essential learning outcomes
  • write SCHMI course-level outcomes

On 06 Oct 17, participants in the second workshop in a five-part course design series, used  the SCHMI model to write effective, measurable and inclusive learning outcomes for their courses.

<<download the handouts or review the presentation>>

NOTE: The concepts in this series will build over each workshop.  The prezi will also evolve as we move through the series.

Reflect …

We began with a modified version of the DEAL reflection technique.

*Ash, S.L. & Clayton, P.H. (2009). Generating, Deepening, and Documenting Learning: The Power of Critical Reflection in Applied Learning. Journal of Applied Learning in Higher Education. 1(1).

Learn …

Resources from workshop for developing learning outcomes:

I’ve attached the AAC&U Rubrics for you to look at.

SCHMI Framework (see handout for details)

  • S – Student centered
  • C – Concrete
  • H – High-order
  • M – Measurable
  • I – Inclusive

Practice …

Before the next workshop …

  1. revise (or write) learning outcomes so they meet the SCHMI framework (Handout: p11)
  2. Think through how your discipline & course contribute to essential learning. (Handout: p12-13)