COVID-19 mini-grant wrap up 

The Brown Center would like to thank everyone who has participated with our recent COVID-19 mini-grant initiative, which is now closedAs always, we strive to support faculty as leaders and innovators. We recognized that this pandemic was going to be a challenging time for everyone involved and were so happy for the opportunity to help so many of you innovate out of necessity as you transitioned your classes to online deliver 

The money for these COVID-19 mini-grants came after the cancellation of a few projects due to COVID-19including our annual Colloquium, and money we saved on programming earlier in the academic calendar. We decided to rapidly repurpose these funds into this initiative 

The Brown Center provided mini-grants to just over 60 faculty members, with the average mini-grant amount about $92. Overall, we were able to provide funds for 26 microphones & headsets, 12 webcams, 17 hardware products such as cables and tripods, and 13 other software and subscriptions 

Going forward, in order to support our mission, the Brown Center will be focused on providing all fulltime and parttime faculty with individual attention as needed. While we have moved to remote work from our respective homes, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Interim Director Nathan Wolek or our Program Manager Chris Griffin for any help. 

Program Manager: Chris Griffin ( | 386.822.7485 

Interim Director: Nathan Wolek ( | 386.822.8987