Panel Recording: Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation as a Campus Community

Last Friday, the Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion hosted a virtual panel discussion titled, “Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation as a Campus Community”, which you can find the recording to at the link above. 

The discussion was powerful and we are grateful to the panelists for sharing their truths with the Stetson Community. Towards the end of the panel we asked participants to respond to the following question anonymously:

How have you been IMPACTED BY or PARTICIPATED IN ANTI-BLACKNESS and systemic racism? What is YOUR truth to this question?

You can find the responses to this question on the Brown Center Website, below the panel recording. The question form is still open and we encourage Stetson community members to participate in responding by following the below instructions. Responses to the question will be updated daily.