Community Engaged Learning Series #3: How To Integrate Community Engagement in Your Courses and Locating Resources at stetson?

In this workshop, attendees will cover ideas for developing community engaged-learning courses and strategies for building balanced community partnerships. We will discuss how to identify the community partner that best matches desired learning goals, the ethical and legal issues to consider prior to the start of your class, as well as the resources available at Stetson to support your work. By the end of the session, faculty should understand the core preparation principles of how to incorporate an action plan effectively and ethically for your community-engaged learning course.

Presented by:

The Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence


Dr. Pamela Cappas-Toro – Brown Faculty Fellow for Community Engagement

Taylor Hibel – Assistant Director of Bonner Program and Community Partnerships

March 25th | 12PM-1:10PM | Place: Elizabeth 103

This panel is part of the center’s endeavor to discuss community-engaged learning, research, and service.