Values Day 2022

Students, Faculty, Staff and Community Members,

Each year, Stetson University takes a day away from classes to explore our shared values during “Values Day”. This year, Values Day will be held on Tuesday, October 18, under the theme of “Engaged Citizenship“, focusing on the question of what it means to be an engaged citizen. The day will feature a keynote address by Dr. Ed Freeman, an internationally-recognized business ethicist and author of The Power of AND: Responsible Business Without Trade-Offs, who will explore the topic of citizenship through business and ethical lenses; also featured will be workshops led by members of our campus and community, our annual Global Citizenship Fair, a public Citizenship and Naturalization ceremony led by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office, our annual Stetson READ (Reflect, Engage and Affirm Diversity) to discuss Dr. Freeman’s book and an evening Blues Jam music concert. 

Submit a workshop proposal:

The Values Day Planning Committee invites proposals for 75- or 150-minute workshops that align with this year’s theme. Workshops can take the form of presentations, facilitated panel discussions, activities, or other formats, and can be led by an individual or a team. Most workshop blocks will be reserved for in-person workshops, though remote workshops will also be considered. All proposals are due by Sunday, September 25 at 11:59pm EST. Proposals will be reviewed and decisions will be communicated via email by Tuesday, September 27. 

Click here to submit a workshop proposal:

Request to join the Stetson READ:

A limited number of Dr. Freeman’s book, The Power of AND, will be available for student, faculty, or staff members who wish to attend the Stetson READ happening from 2:15-4:00pm on Values Day. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the book with Dr. Freeman while enjoying food and refreshments, with conversation facilitated by Dr. Rajni Shankar-Brown and Dr. John Tichenor. In order to ensure robust discussion, all participants will be expected to read the book prior to attending. All requests are due by Sunday, September 25 at 11:59pm EST. All applicants will be reviewed and decisions will be notified of their status via email by Tuesday, September 27. Click here to request a book and participate in Stetson READ:

Through Values Day, it is the university’s goal that all members of our community will find ways to integrate our values into their everyday actions. Thank you for your commitment to our community and our mission of bringing together learning and values. As planning progresses for Values Day, updates will continue to be shared through campus announcements and the Values Day webpage, If you have further questions, reach out to the Values Day Co-Chairs, below.

In community,

Kevin Winchell, Director of Community Engagement, Values Day Planning Committee Co-Chair

John Tichenor, Associate Professor of Management, Values Day Planning Committee Co-Chair