Professor X AI

Tuesday, Mar. 7th | 4 – 6 PM | Library Room 25L & Zoom

Update: Due to multiple sudden schedule conflicts, we are rescheduling this event to March 7th, 4 – 6 pm. The new in-person location will be the Library, Room 25L. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Join Profs. Joshua Eckroth (Computer Science) and Christopher Jimenez (English) for a lively debate where students pose topics about culture & society for Stetson professors to duke it out with OpenAI’s groundbreaking artificial intelligence model, ChatGPT. They will be joined by Prof. Smallpage (Political Science) and another professor to be announced later. You will decide whether Professor or AI is more convincing. Stay after the debate to learn how ChatGPT works, discuss the philosophical implications of this transformative technology, and explore its potential uses in the classroom and beyond. Cultural credit is available and refreshments will be served

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