NCFDD Virtual Workshop: Mentoring 101

Mentoring 101: How to Get What You Need to Thrive in The Academy

Monday, April 17th, 9-11 AM, ET on Zoom

  • Do you have a reliable and strong network of mentors?
  • Are you struggling to cultivate mentoring relationships?
  • Do you know the difference between a mentor and a sponsor?
  • Are you moving to a new stage of your career and wondering how to find new mentors and sponsors that are appropriate to the next level?

Traditional ideas about mentoring often leave faculty feeling that something is missing in their professional development. In this workshop, we challenge the conventional wisdom about faculty mentoring and present a new framework to help you re-imagine how mentoring works. All participants will map their current mentoring network, identify the pressing areas of need that are not being met, and create a plan to expand their existing mentoring network.

Below you’ll find the Zoom registration link for the workshop. You can register in advance via the link, and once registered, you will receive the login credentials at your provided email address. Registration through Zoom is required.