As we busily prepare for a possible hurricane you might be thinking how you are going to manage your courses.  After all, you really just started getting into the groove, right?  Some things you might want to consider …

  • Make a communication plan with your students.   Its likely we will miss at least a few days but in a bad storm that could turn into several weeks.  Before the storm comes and your student scatter, think about setting up a communication plan.  Keep in mind that after campus reopens, it can still take your students several days to return.
  • Use Canvas.  Canvas is a cloud-based service, so it should be accessible as long as you have an internet connection.
  • Think through your assignments and assessments.  This is the time to evaluate.  What’s critical?   If you miss significant time with your students, what will you need from them to determine their progress toward your learning outcomes?  How will you adjust your grading plan?  How will you communicate that to your students. (It’s a “make it work” moment)
  • Do you have advice? Share it in the comments below.

Of course, in any disaster personal safety is the primary concern.  However, it doesn’t hurt to have a plan.  For those of you sheltering in DeLand and Volusia County, the links below are good places for information.

Also, below we have some tips on planning for electricity outages and water shortages

Electricity outage planning

Before a power outage:

  • Prep outdoor cooking equipment (camping gear, BBQ grill, fire grill, etc.)
  • If using gas, stock up on lighters and/or matches
  • If using coal, stock up on kindling/lighting fluid, lighters and/or matches
  • Purchase canned/dried foods that do not require heating 
  • Make blocks of ice by placing water in containers in the freezer: these will keep refrigerator/freezer cool
  • Charge phone chargers
  • Locate flash lights & lanterns
  • Stock up on batteries
  • You can also look into solar lawn lights to help save money on batteries once the storm is over
  • Get cash from bank/ATM machine

Water shortage planning 

Before water outage:

  • Fill buckets, bath tubs/jacuzzis with water for bathing and flushing toilets
  • Fill water bottles/jugs/pots with water for drinking & cooking or purchase water
  • Do laundry 
  • Wash dishes, pots & pans
  • Purchase disposal plates/utensils 
  • Mark disposal cups for individuals to re-use
  • Recycle disposal items