Anti-Racist White Ally Affinity Reading Group Resources

Purpose: This will be an informal affinity reading group for white people who would like to develop their racial identities while simultaneously becoming more effective anti-racist allies for students and colleagues of color. We will engage in dialogue around identifying and understanding white privilege and how to engage in conversations around race so that we do not perpetuate racial injustice at Stetson.

Group Members (2018-2019): Roxanne Lewis, Megan O’Neil, Christina Cetti, Susan Peppers-Bates, Scott Kern, Julia Metzker, Savannah-Jane Griffin, Sam (John) Houston

Key Readings

Curriculum Resources


  • What does it mean to be White by Robin DeAngelo
  • Waking up White by Debby Irving
  • Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome by Joy DeGruy
  • Why are all of the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Classroom by Beverly Tatum-O’Neal
  • The Birth of a White Nation: The Invention of White People and its Relevance Today by Jacqueline Battalora
  • Colorblind by Tim Wise


  • Speak Out – Tim Wise