Brown Innovation Cohorts

2018-19: Students Who Change the World

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Fazal Abbas, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Chadley Ballantyne, Assistant Professor of Music
Lindsey Carelli, Associate Director of Interfaith Initiatives
Teresa Carmody, Assistant Professor, Director of the MFA of the Americas
Paul Croce, Assistant Professor of History
Catherine Day, Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Studies
Aaron Distler, Associate Director of Academic Success & Accessibility
Michael Eskenazi, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Vernita Glenn-White, Assistant Professor of Education
Mark West, Visiting Professor of Accounting
Ronette Lategan-Potgieter, Visiting Assistant Professor of Health Sciences
Susan Peppers-Bates, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Michele Randall, Visiting Lecturer of English
Daniil Zavlunov, Assistant Professor of Music History

2017-2018: Inclusive Pedagogies

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Dengke Chen, Assistant Professor of Digital Arts
Christopher de Bodisco, Assistant Professor of Economics
Heather Evans-Anderson, Assistant Professor in Health Science
Sarah Garcia, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Vernita Glenn-White, Assistant Professor of Education
Sam Houston, Brown Teacher-Scholar Fellow in Religious Studies
Renjing Lin, ALLEX Scholar in Chinese
Khushbu Mishra, Assistant Professor of Economics
Jordan Ruybal, Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology
Snezhana Zheltoukhova, Visiting Assistant Professor of Russian

2016-2017: Democratic Classrooms

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Carol AzabAssistant Professor of Marketing
Heather Edwards, Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Madison Creech, Brown Teacher-Scholar Fellow in Creative Arts
Rachel Core, Assistant Professor of Sociology (alumna)
Michael EskenaziAssistant Professor of Psychology
E. Lamerial JacobsonBrown Teacher-Scholar Fellow in Counselor Education
Sharmaine JacksonAssistant Professor of Sociology
Joyce Mundy
Assistant Professor of Education
Shun Kiang , Visiting Assistant Professor of English
Michele RandallVisiting Assistant Professor of English  (alumna)
Grace Ramsey, Visiting Assistant Professor of Studio Art
Rajni Shankar-BrownAssociate Professor of Education and Jessie Ball duPont Chair of Social Justice
Petros XanthopoulosAssistant Professor of Decision and Information Science

2015-2016: Designing Significant Learning Experiences

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Back row (l to r): Craig Lind, Jared Rawlings, Matthew Hurst, Sven Smith, Michele Randall; Front row (l to r): Cynthia Alby [facilitator], Laura Crysel, Ranjini Thaver, Mario Rodriguez, Rachel Core, Danielle Lindner, Elizabeth Lamerial Jacobson, Dejan Magoc. [learn more]

2014-2015:Learner-Centered Pedagogies

[Call for proposals]

Pictured from top left: Roslyn Crowder, Melissa Gibbs, Melinda Hall, Monica Jeancola, Susan Peppers-Bates, Maria Rickling