Provost Fellows Program

The goal of the Provost Faculty Fellows Program is to build exceptional leadership by supporting individual faculty development while simultaneously enhancing University culture and capacities.

Potential projects include…

  • Designing and implementing a program or project related to an institutional priority
  • Collecting and analyzing data to inform an institutional priority or strategic initiative
  • Developing and implementing an assessment plan for determining the strategic direction related to the area of focus
  • Conducting an intensive faculty development program such as a series of workshops, a learning community, etc. related to the area of focus

Provost fellows are expected to …

  • Grow as faculty leaders
  • Embody the Stetson-Teacher Scholar model
  • Participate in efforts to advance the University’s reputation in the area of focus
  • Engage in regional, national, and international dialogue on work completed as a Fellow; and
  • Serve on the Faculty Development Advisory Committee for a 2-3 year term