Mid-semester Course Feedback

Checking in with your students at the midpoint of the course  provides you feedback when you can use it to make a course correction.  You also provide your students practice in providing constructive feedback on their learning – a skill that can be invaluable when it comes to completing course evaluations at the end of the semester.  There are many forms for gathering feedback from your students. Below are some you might want to try.

Survey advice: Surveys ask students to respond to components of the course, the instructors style and/or the students learning.  Framing the questions around learning will make the responses most useful in evaluating the effectiveness of your course.  Questions about satisfaction often lead you to responses that aren’t in your control.

You may wish to employ less formal mechanisms for gathering feedback such as Minute Papers,  The Muddiest Point or Chain Notes and other techniques.  The best resources for examples of classroom evaluation techniques is the comprehensive text ‘Classroom Assessment Techniques: A Handbook for College Teachers’ by Angelo and Cross.  If you’d like to borrow a copy, please send us a request.