2017-2018 New Faculty

School of Business

Charles Brandon

Sylvain Daudel

Sylvain Daudel is a professor of practice in family enterprise and director of the Family Enterprise Center at Stetson University in DeLand, FL. Formerly with INSEAD and EDHEC Family Business Center, he has also consulted for companies such as Nestle, Orange, and Cambridge University and has presented at the FFI global conference. 

James Fyles

James Fyles, assistant professor of practice in sales and marketing, and a faculty member of Stetson’s Centurion Sales Program was awarded the Innovation in Teaching Award at the Sales Education Foundation’s 2019 Sales Educator’s Academy this summer.

Marleen Pope

John Riggs

John F. Riggs earned a BS degree in health science from the University of Florida, an M.BA degree from Kennesaw State University, and his Doctor of Business Administration (D.BA) in marketing from Kennesaw State University.

Dr. Riggs has over 20 years of professional experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Over the course of his professional career, Dr. Riggs has held numerous roles. Starting as a sales representative, he soon moved into the role of corporate trainer for medical affairs and executive management. Soon thereafter, he became the director of sales for the U.S. and Puerto Rico divisions of critical care medicine, and eventually held the position of global vice president of contracting and pricing integrity for a biotech firm.

Apart from his responsibilities as a faculty member, Dr. Riggs is a national and international speaker on evidence-based business practices in professional selling, sales management and translational research in business.

Areti Vogel

Before transitioning into academia, Dr. Vogel practiced law (focusing on civil litigation and corporate law, among other areas) and administered various aspects of firm business, while simultaneously providing external consultative services. After achieving an M.BA and living and working abroad, Dr. Vogel returned to the U.S. and earned her PhD In addition to retail management and international business, Dr. Vogel is passionate about identity, culture, and communication, particularly in the organizational environment. Dr. Vogel is SHRM-CP certified, and her interests include human resources, employment law, business ethics, and cross-disciplinary research.

College of Arts and Sciences

Teresa Carmody

Teresa Carmody is a writer, editor, and publisher. Her most recent book, Maison Femme: a fiction (2015), is a roman a’ clef about two women who run an independent press out of their basement in Los Angeles.

Su Young Choi

Su Young Choi is an assistant professor of communication and media studies at Stetson University. She examines media and communication in the context of social movement by employing qualitative methods like ethnography, in-depth interviews, and textual and discourse analysis. She is interested in understanding the relationship between cultural transformation and socio-environmental inequality and injustice. She is currently engaging research project about the emergence of youth-led vegan movement in the context of East Asia.

Heather Evans-Anderson

Heather Evans Anderson, PhD, joined Stetson faculty in fall 2017. She is originally from Belle Glade FL and attended Vanderbilt University for her bachelor’s degree in biology (BS, 1999). Her PhD in Biomedical Science was granted by the University of South Carolina School of Medicine in 2004. From 2004 to 2008, Evans Anderson did her postdoctoral fellowship at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Research Center in the Molecular Cardiology division, where she was funded by an American Heart Association fellowship award.

Jesse Fox

Dr. Fox has experience working with a range of clinical populations that spans college counseling, outpatient addiction treatment, community mental health, and private practice. His research focuses primarily on spirituality integrated counseling, spiritual bypass, contemplative practices, and the implications of religious pluralism in counseling. Most recently, he co-authored “Bringing Religion and Spirituality into Therapy: A Process-Based Model for Pluralistic Practice” published by Routledge Press. Since 2019 he has served as the Chair of the Religious and Spiritual Competencies Task-Force, a national initiative to investigate the role of such competencies in the training of counselors and mental health care. He has also served as an editorial board member for The Journal of Counseling and Development, Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development, Counseling and Values: Spirituality, Ethics, and Religion in Counseling, and Counseling Outcome Research and Evaluation, among others. He was the recipient of the Outstanding Dissertation Award as well as an Emerging Leader from the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision.

Sarah Garcia

Sarah Garcia, PhD, is a clinical neuropsychologist who studies non-pharmacological interventions for cognitive decline in a variety of medical populations. Her past work has examined cognitive deficits in a wide variety of populations (e.g. heart failure, bariatric surgery candidates, and dementia) as well as the use of exercise, sleep and electrical stimulation as potential preventative and treatment approaches.

Garcia has received the Lillian Freedman Award and an award from the Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center for her research as an Early Investigator. In addition to her graduate work, Garcia has also completed clinical work through her internship at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA and through her post-doctoral fellowship in Neuropsychology at the University of Michigan.

Sam Houston

Sam Houston is a Brown Visiting Teacher-Scholar Fellow in Religious Studies, specializing in modern Islamic thought and comparative religious ethics with a focus on the Middle East/North Africa region. His current work analyzes the role that Islamic mysticism, or Sufism, has played in providing Islamic activist movements with models and practices of ethical formation. Other research interests include modern political thought, African American Islam, and Christian-Muslim relations. From 2009-2011, he spent two years teaching English in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and in 2013, he was awarded a U.S. State Department-sponsored Critical Language Scholarship to study Arabic in Morocco. He has served as an instructor at Cambridge College, Zayed University, and Florida State University. He earned his PhD from Florida State University, an MA in philosophy from Boston College, a Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, and a BA from Baylor University.

Chris Jimenez

Dr. Chris D. Jimenez is an Assistant Professor of English at Stetson. His research examines the discourse of catastrophe in 20th- and 21st-century global Anglophone literature, with interdisciplinary interests in ecocriticism, nuclear criticism, animal studies, biopolitics, and the sociology of literature.

Lynn Kee

Dr. Kee grew up in Malaysia and Japan, then moved to the United States for undergraduate and graduate studies the at the University of Michigan. Now at Stetson, her research is focused on the cell biology of microorganisms, utilizing microscopy and molecular genetic tools. She is enthusiastic about engaging undergraduates in scientific practices and critical thinking using modern molecular and genetic tools.

Basar Koc

Ronette Lategan-Potgieter

Ronette Lategan-Potgieter is a registered dietitian from South Africa, who has held various senior positions in her field. She has a wide area of interest in nutrition and acts as a supervisor for post-graduate students with her own research currently focusing on undernutrition and sports nutrition.

Ryan McCleary

Lamerial McRae

McRae conducts research on a multicultural, interdisciplinary approach to understanding the following: adult and child survivors of trauma, abuse and intimate partner violence (IPV); marriages, couples, and families; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ+) issues in counseling; and human trafficking. McRae published articles on these various topics in journals such as The Family Journal, the Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling, Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling, the Journal of Counseling and Development, and the Journal of Mental Health Counseling.

As a counselor educator, McRae teaches graduate counseling courses in practicum and internship, family and couples counseling, diagnosis and treatment planning, and foundations in clinical mental health counseling.

Khushbu Mishra

Khushbu Mishra finished her PhD in applied economics from Ohio State University in the summer of 2017. Her work broadly focuses on gender and development economics, agricultural economics, and impact evaluation. She completed her BA. in economics and mathematics from Mount Holyoke College in MA. Besides working as a research assistant for a USAID/BASIS funded Randomized Control Trial Project on Index Insurance in Ghana under Professors Mario J. Miranda and Abdoul G. Sam, she has worked as a consultant for the World Bank Group and UNICEF.

Born in a rural society in Nepal where the majority of families depend on agriculture for their living, Mishra is passionate to formulate innovative solutions to reducing social inequalities in developing, agrarian economies.

Brittani Munchel

Yohann Ripert

Yohann C. Ripert is an Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies in the Department of World Languages and Cultures as well as a Faculty in the Honors Program at Stetson University.

Jordan Ruybal

Ana Servigna

Dr. Ana Servigna is a visiting assistant professor in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Public Health. She received a Fulbright scholarship and moved from Venezuela to the U.S. to complete a PhD in anthropology at Syracuse University, NY. Prior to coming to Stetson University, Dr. Servigna was a visiting assistant professor in the Department of Anthropology and the Stone Center for Latin American and Latino Studies at Tulane University (New Orleans) and an associate professor at the School of Architecture at Zulia State University (Venezuela). Her teaching and research interests are on theories of space and place, politics, social inequality, and urban design with a focus on environmental issues and architecture.
Dr. Servigna’s research looks at how moral and ethical issues are spatially enacted through cities’ spaces and urbanism. Currently, she is interested in new trends of immigration in the U.S. by studying the Venezuelan diaspora in Florida.

Chaz Underriner

Chaz Underriner (b. 1987 in Texas, USA) is a composer, intermedia artist, and performer based in DeLand, Florida. Most of Underriner’s work revolves around the notions of landscape and portraiture in the context of experimental music. He has composed works for solo instruments, chamber ensembles, chamber and symphony orchestras, jazz combos, electronics, film, dance, and choir.

Jared Vanasse

Jared Vanasse received his PhD from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and he has held postdoctoral positions at Duke University and Ohio University. His primary research interest is in the application of effective field theories to few-body systems with a focus on their application to the properties of atomic nuclei.

Vanasse is also involved in the search for violations of fundamental symmetries. The search for violations of fundamental symmetries is a possible avenue alongside the Large Hadron Collider to find signals of new physics beyond the standard model of particle physics. The search for violations of fundamental symmetries also offers a unique probe to understand the interactions between neutrons and protons in atomic nuclei. Recently, he has been involved with calculations for a possible future experiment at the Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory at Duke University at an upgraded high-intensity gamma-ray source facility searching for violations of fundamental symmetries.

Snezhana Zheltoukhova

Snezhana Zheltoukhova, PhD, has been teaching Russian as a world language since her graduation from Moscow (Lomonosov) State University. For a decade, she continued teaching the language and culture at Carleton College, Pomona College, Beloit College, University of Missouri-Columbia, Indiana University Bloomington, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Zheltoukhova has been Visiting Assistant Professor of Russian and Director of Language Commons since 2017. Her research interests are within the field of second language acquisition and pedagogy, specifically world language tutoring, analysis of discourse and interaction, sociocultural theory, and technology-mediated language learning.

School of Music

Sean Kennard

Sean Kennard has won top prizes in numerous international competitions and has performed recitals, chamber music, and as soloist with orchestras around the world. His recordings have been released by Naxos, Delos, and Centaur. He joined Stetson’s faculty as coordinator of the piano division in 2017.

John Lychner

John A. Lychner is Director of Music Education in the School of Music at Stetson University. He teaches classes in music education, supervises intern teachers, serves as an academic advisor as well as the advisor for the collegiate NAfME chapter, and is active as a clinician and conductor. Prior to coming to Stetson, Dr. Lychner was a Professor of Music in the School of Music at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo.

Jeremy Robins

School of Business

Christine Cerniglia

Professor Cerniglia graduated from Loyola University New Orleans College of Law and pursued the civil law curriculum dedicated to the Louisiana Civil Code. In law school and in practice, she received training in a true apprentice-style work environment at the law firm of Sharp, Henry, Cerniglia, Colvin, and Weaver, where she practiced maritime law in New Orleans, Louisiana. Most of the cases involved personal injury or wrongful death claims for Jones Act seamen or longshore harbor workers involved in deepwater drilling operations.

Nina Hayden

George Peirce