FRN Seminar Application Guidelines

Participation in NYU Faculty Resource Network activities requires institutional nomination and a letter of support from your chair or dean. Therefore, faculty interested in participating in Network events should secure their recommendation letter prior to submitting an application. All nominations MUST be endorsed by the Associate Provost for Faculty Development prior to submission.

Application Process

  1. A complete nomination packet is submitted electronically to [email protected] at least two weeks prior to the posted NYU deadline.
  2. Submitted packets must include the following :
    1. Your curriculum vita
    2. A statement of intent
    3. A letter of support from your dean or chair.
    4. A pdf copy of the appropriate FRN application
      (available online)
  3. Nominations are reviewed by the Associate Provost for Faculty Development.  If approved, the Brown Center will submit the application packet to FRN on behalf of the applicant.
  4. If the nomination is accepted, contact us to make travel arrangements.

[For more information, read the Network Seminar FAQ]


Stetson University is a member of the FRN consortium.  The membership supported by the Brown Center covers the cost of the seminar but not travel.  Scholarships to support (up to 50%) of travel expenses are available through the Brown Center. To apply, submit a Request for Funding.

Reporting Requirements

A brief reflective report describing your experience, your teacher-scholar goals and plans for taking action should be submitted online.

Reports MUST be submitted within 30 days of the event.  Travel reimbursements will be processed AFTER the reflection is submitted.