Inclusive Excellence in Teaching Symposium

2017 Inclusive Excellence in
Teaching Symposium:
Pedagogical Ecosystems

Saturday Feb 25th, 2017
Stetson College of Law
Gulfport, FL

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“The demands on learners and thus education systems are evolving fast. In the past, education was about teaching people something. Now, it is about making sure than individuals develop a reliable compass and the navigation skills to find their own way through an increasingly uncertain, volatile and ambiguous world.” (Schooling Redesigned: Towards Innovated Learning Systems 2015, 3)

Our classrooms are ecosystems where learning takes place. But unlike physical spaces, learning spaces can be readily rearranged to accommodate the changing needs of those who occupy them. Today’s students face unique challenges. Not only do they come from more varied backgrounds, but they are being propelled into an increasingly uncertain world. How, then, might the physical space and teaching techniques that constitute the classroom be modified to encourage sensitivity to individual difference, active engagement with diverse perspectives, co-operative learning, intrinsically motivated participation, and connectedness across various areas of knowledge? How can we be more proficient teachers?

The aim of this symposium is to provide Stetson University faculty and staff with the opportunity to discuss how they have transformed their teaching techniques and classroom spaces to accommodate a diverse student body. “A Diverse Community of Inclusive Excellence” stands at the foundation of Stetson University’s 2014-2019 Strategic Map. We urge presenters to not only discuss their approaches to pedagogy, but also not to be afraid of talking about strategies that haven’t worked very well. Our goal is to challenge and learn from each other in a collegial environment.