RECAP: New Faculty Orientation Day 1

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Day one of the 2016 Stetson New Faculty Orientation was jam packed with information.  Luckily, most of this information is available to you electronically when you need it.

Greetings & Introduction

Noel Painter, Interim Executive Vice President and Provost
Dr. Painter welcomed the group and encouraged new faculty to develop as Teacher-Scholar Citizens and participate in the Stetson and local community.

President’s Welcome

Wendy Libby, University President
After leading the group in a round of Happy Birthday for Noel.  (Happy Birthday!!), Dr. Libby challenged the Stetson new faculty to develop courageous spaces for dialogue.

Julia led the group in a few rounds of musical quotes, using quotes from the Liz Coleman Ted Talk.

Liberal Learning and the Teacher-Scholar at Stetson University

Megan O’Neill, Director, The Writing Program
Greg Sapp, Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Alicia Slater, Professor and Chair of Biology; Chair, Integrative Health Science; Director, Curriculum and Assessment

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Useful links for teaching

Policy Overview

A speed-round of 10-minute policy overviews.

Preparing for Pre-Tenure and Tenure Review
Carolyn Nicholson, Professor and Chair of Marketing;  Chair, University Tenure and Promotion Committee

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Understanding Shared Governance
Tom Vogel, Associate Professor and Chair of Mathematics and Computer Science

FERPA, Grades and You
Rob Berwick, University Registrar
Resche Hines, Assistant Vice President of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Student Athletes and Academics
Elise Paulson, Assistant Director of Athletics for Compliance
Pegjohngy Moses, Associate Athletics Director for
Student Services, Academics and Compliance

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Research Integrity
Rosalie Richards, Associate Provost for Faculty Development
Matthew Schrager, Associate Professor of Integrative Health Science; Chair, Institutional Review Board

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Lunch & Photo

New faculty lunched with the chairs and associate deans in the Library and took a group photo in front of Sampson Hall.

Teaching and Learning to a “T”

Elizabeth Boggs, Director, Career and Professional Development
Zonovia Proctor, Assistant Director, Academic Advising
Tim Stiles, Executive Director, Career and Professional Development

Necessary Details: Safety and Mental Wellness on Campus

Rachel Boldman, LMHC, Director, Counseling Center
Dee Carpenter, Captain, Public Safety;
Robert Matusick, Director, Public Safety; Emergency Management Coordinator

Start Smart: Surviving the First Day and the First Year

Tod Cox, Assistant Professor of Marketing
Camille King, Professor and Department Chair of Psychology
Danielle Lindner, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Dejan Magoc, Assistant Professor of Integrative Health Science
Joyce Mundy, Assistant Professor of Education

Stetson faculty provided insights about adjusting to life at Stetson from their own perspective.

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