Recap: 2018 Colloquium on Teaching and Learning

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All Learners Welcome:
Making Excellence Inclusive

April 6, 2018 – 8:45 AM – 6 PM
Stetson University, DeLand, FL
Lynn Business Center
(corner of N. Woodland Blvd and Michigan Ave [MapIt])

On Friday, April 6th, 2018 the Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence hosted the 4th annual Colloquium on Teaching and Learning Innovation.  This all-day event boasted a variety of engaging and thought-provoking sessions aligned with the theme of Making Excellence Inclusive.  Please share your feedback so we can improve your experience next year.



Noel Painter, Executive Vice President and Provost
Stetson University

Keynote: Inclusive Narratives:
Facilitating Student Success with Data

Angela Henderson, Director of Institutional Research

Resche Hines, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Research,
Julia Metzker, Executive Director for the Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence
Stetson University

Through a storytelling lens, the facilitators will present case studies drawn from actual student data. Participants will explore scenarios that impact student success. From this analysis, participants will be asked to reflect upon the roles and responsibilities of the institution in supporting individual and collective student success.  [view presentation]

Concurrent Session A (10:00-10:50)

A1 – To Flip Or Not To Flip: A Hands On Learning Approach

Leslie Connell & Christopher Leo, University of Central Florida

A2 – Using Roleplay at the undergraduate level to help students understand key economic principles.

Raymond Sanders, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

A3 – Student Learning Through Community Impact: Integrating Meaningful Community-Engaged Learning into Courses

Savannah-Jane Griffin & Kevin Winchell, Stetson University

A4 – Embracing Universal Design for Learning: Teaching Generation Z

Caroline Pratt Marrett & Maria Reyes, University of Central Florida

Concurrent Session B (11:00-11:50)

B1 – Radical Candor: How To Give Effective Feedback To Students

Michael Eskenazi, Robert Askew, Sarah Garcia, & Danielle Linder, Stetson University

B1 – Critical Reflective Reflexive Inclusive Pedagogy: A Pathway For Implementing Inclusive Educational Practices In Higher Education

Rohan Jowallah, University of Central Florida

B2 – Weight – What Bias?

Zach Cordell, Daytona State College

B2 – Boosting Student Academic Excellence And Providing A Link Between Content And The “Bigger Picture” Using Transparent Assignments

Jordan Ruybal & Michael Eskenazi, Stetson University

B3 – A Little Less Talk, A Lot More Action: Engaging Learners With WAC/WID Strategies

Jessica Kester & Jessica Lipsey, Daytona State College

B4 – Using Universal Design for Learning To Enhance Accessibility In Student-centered STEM Courses

Jacquelyn Chini, Bo Chen, James Cooney & Jessica Sprague, University of Central Florida


Panel: Why I teach in Prison

Pamela Cappas-Toro, Melinda Hall, Josh Eckroth,
Josh Rust & Joel Davis, Stetson University

The Community Education Project is an interdisciplinary educational program established by Stetson University professors for the purpose of providing high-quality liberal arts instruction to incarcerated people residing in Florida. Beginning in January 2015, professors and volunteers have covered a wide range of reading groups, workshops, and college-level courses at the Tomoka Correctional Institution, located in Daytona, Florida. The program recognizes that access to higher education offers incarcerated individuals with meaningful opportunities for personal growth, intellectual engagement, and leadership development, which benefits our society as a whole.

Concurrent Session C (1:00-1:50)

C1: Project- Based Active Learning Homework (PBH): Improving Student Success.

Ricardo Zaurin, University of Central Florida

C1: “Are You Serious? I Can Learn Mathematics?” – The Mathematics Inclusive Classroom

Veon Stewart & Becky Fisher, Adventist University of Health Sciences

C2: Embracing Generational Differences

Joy Lewis, Daytona State College

C3: Critical Reading – Pedagogy For All Students

Megan O’Neill, Michele Randall & Leigh Ann Dunning, Stetson University

C4: Teaching Students About Teaching And Learning: An Experiment In Pedagogy

Alan Green, Khushbu Mishra, Ranjini Thaver & Chris de Bodisco, Stetson University

Concurrent Session D (2:00-2:50)

D1: Internationalizing Your General Education Course

Rachel Core, Stetson University

D1: Responding To International Students’ Writing In The Writing Center

Leigh Ann Dunning, Vanessa Petion, Jeremy Jackman, Jeanette Jakupca & Nicholas Ikegami, Stetson University

D2: Career And Civic Connections: Addressing Social Justice Issues Through Community-based Learning In Spanish Classrooms

Pamela Cappas-Toro & Valeria C. Servigna-Villalobos, La Casa Cultural Latina at Stetson University

D2: Inclusive Pedagogical Practices In The Spanish Language Classroom

Esmeralda Duarte, University of Central Florida

D3: Exploring Arts And Revolution Across The Disciplines Through Collaborative Teaching

Mayhill Fowler, Daniil Zavlunov
& Katya Kudryavtseva, Stetson University

D4: Workshop: Design Your Inclusive Syllabus

2017 – 2018 Brown Innovation Fellows, Stetson University
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Global Citizenship Symposium:
Panel on Immigration

Jelena Petrovic & Paula Hentz, Stetson University

Instructions for a Home Invasion

Chaz Underriner, Madison Creech, Teresa Carmody
& Terri Witek, Stetson University


Thank you to all who participated!  Be sure to  share your feedback so we can improve your experience next year.