New Faculty On The Move

Over this past week, our newest Faculty cohort have done some awesome things around campus and we want to highlight them!

This past Sunday (2/9/20), Dr. Jaime Clark performed her Faculty Recital through the School of Music! If you want to check out the beautiful sound of her Cello, click here to watch the recorded live stream.

Yesterday (2/12/20), Dr. Martin Blackwell presented a lecture on the History of Kyiv post Nazi Occupation, the resettlement of this city, and the return of Soviet Power.

In the Hand Art Center, you can find some new exhibits from new faculty! Dr. Madison Creech’s Garniture displays the use of content aware technology creating colors and shapes through snapshots of the Oscar Bluemner collection. This exhibit will be available to view through March 28th. Luca Molnar will be curating Over Yonder, a video art show displaying 10 southern artists and how their landscapes highlight the way industry, gender, race, history, and violence shaped the South today. Katie Baczeski will also be curating the Clay Legacies exhibit, which highlights three generations of ceramics and art pieces from Stetson’s permanent collection. This exhibit will feature work from previously visiting professors, retired professors, current professors, and students. These will be available for viewing from February 17th (Monday!) through March 28th.