Using Ensemble Video to Enhance teaching, Learning and communication

Stetson’s Office of Online Learning and Educational Technology (OOLET) provides Ensemble Video v5.4.0×2 as another powerful platform to create video-based content for courses. This post contains links to resources that demonstrate how to use Ensemble’s various functionalities. Three links are provided. One link was created by OOLET to serve as a guide of important functionalities. The second and third links contain more detailed information and embedded video tutorials and instructions for specific functionalities such as generating quizzes or creating a YouTube video. There is also a collection of links that describe different ways to make videos more accessible to students (e.g., captions, language, Third link provides information about functionalities specific to Ensemble Video version 5.4. Note: it is suggested that you access Ensemble Video via the My Stetson ‘Resources’ link, select ‘Administration’ then ‘Library’ to view functionalities that enhance videos. Finding information specific to a functionality can be made easier by entering the name of the functionality (e.g., You Tube) into the search box found in resource 2.

  1. OOLET Ensemble Video Users Guide

2. Ensemble Video Support Library (contains numerous links to specific functionality/start with ‘Promoted articles’, noting links specific to quizzes, accessibility, etc. A comprehensive users guide follows the first section.

3. Ensemble Video v5.4 Support document