Faculty Spotlight #7: Dr. Kelly B. Smith

The Brown Center invites you to our Faculty Spotlight on Friday, November 19th at 2:00 PM on Zoom. The spotlight series is a showcase of research, creative inquiry, and other scholarly engagement of the campus community. Stop by and learn about the research of our talented Stetson community! 

Dr. Kelly B. Smith- Assistant Professor of Political Science

Department of Political Science


Why have states rolled back vaccine exemptions?  In what ways can states limit vaccine exemptions?  With a Summer Faculty Grant, I created a 50-state database on MMR vaccine exemptions and examined state vaccine exemption legislation across all 50 states.  I will be discussing some of my initial findings as well as my research process.

Kelly B. Smith received her PhD from Brown University in 2017.  Her scholarship examines state politics and policymaking as well as bureaucratic politics.