Faculty Spotlight November 9th – Dr. Kelly Smith

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Dr. Kelly Smith – Associate Professor of Political Science  

Department of Political Science  


Hamiltonia is a simulation that puts students in the driver’s seat of creating the government of a fictional, 51st American state- Hamiltonia.  Students answer a series of questions to design Hamiltonia’s legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government.  When this is completed, students role play as members of the cabinet or legislature to pass policies in the state of Hamiltonia.  This helps students better understand the ways in which institutional arrangements can structure policymaking.   

Dr. Kelly Smith is an assistant professor of political science at Stetson University.  She received her PhD and MA in political science from Brown University. She has published work on policy diffusion and policy learning among state legislatures and state bureaucracies. Previously, Smith was a postdoctoral research associate on the education standards research team at the Taubman Center for American Politics and Policy at Brown University.