Funding Guidelines

The Brown Center is pleased to provide opportunities to fund various faculty endeavors that advance the work of Stetson’s Teacher Scholars and the mission of the University. Requests must be submitted through the online form:

Requests are evaluated for (1) alignment with Stetson and Center mission and strategic priorities related to student learning, (2) demonstrated potential for broad impact, and (3) plan for successful implementation.

Once approved, all funds requested must be submitted/expensed by May 15.  Any request for an extension or request for encumbrance must be received by May 1.   Any amendments to your initial budget should be submitted for approval electronically to [email protected].

To demonstrate the impact and value of the funding, every awarded request requires a reflective report submitted via our online reflection form.  In many cases, this will be required prior to the disbursement of funds.


Please consult the guidelines below for spending/reimbursement procedures.

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Already approved?  Follow the instructions below:
Refreshments & Meals

On Campus: The Brown Center has a supply of meal tickets for your use.  Meal tickets can only be redeemed on campus. Request meal tickets from the Brown Center, 206 DeLand Hall ([email protected] or ext. 7930)

Off-Campus: You may use your personal funds and subsequently submit a completed Check Request – Direct Pay Form with original receipts to the Brown Center (Unit 8360, 206 DeLand Hall) for reimbursement. Reimbursement will only be for the preauthorized approved amounts.


DPO’s are not acceptable for these purposes.

Books & Supplies

Submit your purchase request for books and supplies below.  Please do not personally purchase supplies without prior approval.  We are unable to reimburse expenses that haven’t been approved by our office.

Submit your requests using the form below.

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