Support in Crisis: Future Directions for Brown Center Resources

Dear colleagues,

Dr. Lamerial McRae and Dr. Melinda Hall warmly invite you to participate in a Brown Center event, Support in Crisis: Future Directions for Brown Center Resources. The event is open to all faculty and staff at Stetson University; the main program, a guided focus group, will occur on Wednesday, February 24th from 9:45 am to 11:45 am (RSVP). Before the event, even if you are unsure if you can attend, please consider completing our pre-event survey.

Here are the details of this event, and an explanation of how the survey will direct BC resources, including the time of the Faculty Fellows.

Support in Crisis is not a “pandemic productivity seminar”; see Dr. Aisha Ahmad’s (Toronto) recent incisive Twitter thread on that topic. Instead, inspired by deliberative polling, a practice drawn from principles of deliberative democracy, Support in Crisis will involve you in decision-making regarding the use of Brown Center resources. Whether you are experiencing burnout and crisis related to COVID-19, grief, caregiving, workload, illness, or other forms of professional and personal stress, BC Faculty Fellows Dr. McRae and Dr. Hall want to help advocate for new support and more adequately use existing BC resources.

Support in Crisis starts with 1) a pre-survey. The Brown Center wants to collect feedback on your experiences with burnout, especially during crisis, in one or more areas of your position at Stetson University. In addition, we’re seeking feedback about potential resources that could be helpful during crisis. All are welcome to take this survey, regardless of whether you are able to attend the event on February 24. Importantly, we open this survey to better arrange our own resources and plan for advocacy, not to investigate or analyze you or your situations. All data will be kept utterly confidential.

Those who RSVP for the 2) focus group (RSVP), will be asked to consider and discuss materials (provided at the event) in support of possible future directions for Brown Center resources. We will end the event with 3) a post-survey. Dr. McRae and Dr. Hall will then analyze the data gathered to guide decisions about how to use existing resources and advocate for new resources to support faculty and staff through burnout and crisis.


Lamerial and Melinda