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2015 SURE Grants Announced


During summer 2015, the following Stetson students will engage in mentored research and creative activity for eight weeks on a topic of their interest with a faculty research mentor. Student research interns were selected through a highly competitive process. Congratulations to student researchers and faculty mentors!

Gisela Alvarez, Market is Always Right: Jeff Koons’ Made in Heaven [faculty mentor:
Cameron Black, Offense plus Defense equals evolution: How cultural and economic evolution in the NBA from 1970-2000 affected contractual evolution  [faculty mentor: N. Mottier]
Elizabeth Cirri, Overcoming the Culture of Poverty [faculty mentor: W. Nylen]
Tracy-Lynn Cleary, Functionalizing Triclosan with Fluorescent Groups for Improved Detection [faculty mentor: P. Sibbald]
Jozefina Logu, Evaluation of Brief Female Condom Interventions [faculty mentor: E. Moore]
Kristen Meiler, Effect of salinity on embryonic Axolotl development [faculty mentor: M. Gibbs]
Jake Moore, Paleography and Editing in English Medieval Textuality: Transcribing Chaucerian Manuscripts [faculty mentor: T. Farrell]
Kathryn Nathenson, The Paradox of Policy: An Investigation of Political Players in the Environmental World [faculty mentor: W. Anderson]
Stella Parris, Leaving a Legacy: An intervention to improve the mental health of nursing home residents [faculty mentor: D. Sawyer]
Steven Pilato, Self-Objectification, Body Shame, and Disordered Eating and Exercise Behavior in Men [faculty mentor: D. Lindner]
Jackie Pollack, Social and Spatial Analysis of Florida Suicide Mortality [faculty mentor: A. Johnson]
Matthew Rafferty, The RMS Titanic: The Portrayal of the White Star Lines Tragedy [faculty mentor: E. Mieras]
Matthew Vanaman, In-Group Prejudice Among The Homeless Mediated By The Enlightenment Effect [faculty mentor: L. Crysel]

For more information, contact Dr. Kimberly Reiter at kreiter@stetson.edu.