How can I host recurring virtual office hours using Blackboard?

Recurring virtual office hours can be scheduled using Blackboard Collaborate as follows.

  1. From any one of your Blackboard courses, select the “Blackboard Collaborate Ultra” link under the “Control Panel” menu in “Course Management”.

  1. From the “Blackboard Collaborate Ultra” page, click the “Create Session” button. The “New Session” panel will appear on the right.

  1. From the “New Session” panel, enter the name that you would like to call your office hours (e.g., “Office Hours”), select the “Guest access” checkbox (so students from your other classes can join the session), enter the start and end date and time of your first session, and click the “Repeat session” checkbox. The “Repeat session” section will expand.

  1. In the “Repeat session” section, select how often and the days of the week that your office hours will occur, enter the date your office hours will end, and click the “Create” button.

  1. Upon clicking the “Create” button, a “Guest link” will appear under the event details. Click the “Copy” button, then press Control + c to copy the link.

  1. From each Blackboard course for which you would like to post office hours, click the “Add Menu Item” (+) button above the course name on the left side menu and select “Web Link”. The “Add Web Link” dialog will appear.

  1. From the “Add Web Link” dialog, enter the name of your office hours in the “Name” field, press Control + p in the “URL” field to paste the URL that was copied from the event details in step 5, check the “Available to Users” checkbox, and click the “Submit” button.

  1. The office hours link will now appear in the left side menu for students to click on and enter.

I am teaching multiple sections of the same course. How can I create a single session in Collaborate Ultra that all students can attend?

When creating a Collaborate session, select “Guest access” in the settings. This allows anyone to join the session that is not currently in the class. It will then provide a link that you can email to your class or post in a section within Blackboard for all your classes.

How do I add a Cengage Blackboard test bank to a blackboard course?

Cengage provides the Blackboard Test Bank with the instructor resources.  

  1. If you use MindTap, you can find this in the dashboard under “Instructor Companion Site”:


2. In the Instructor Companion Site, click “Test Banks” and then download the Blackboard Test Bank Files:

3. Unzip the file.   You will then see zip files for each chapter that can now be loaded into Blackboard:

4. In Blackboard, click on the “Tests, Surveys, and Pools” option under “Course Tools”:

5. In the “Test, Surveys, and Pools” page, click on “Pools”:

6. On the “Pools” page, click “Import Pool”:

7. From the “Pool Import Page”, click “Browse My Computer”, select the zip file of the chapter you would like to import, then click “Open”:

8. Click the “Submit” button:

You should then see the imported Test Bank in the list of pools:

You can now use this test bank in your Blackboard Tests.

What is the link to download Stetson’s version of the Respondus Lockdown Browser?

The link that the students can use to download the Respondus browser is as follows:


How can I accommodate a specific student to allow extra time to take a test online when they request it through ASC?
  1. From your quiz in Blackboard, select “Edit the Test Options” from the drop-down menu. The “Test Options” page will appear.

  1. From the “Test Options” page, scroll down to the section titled “TEST AVAILABILITY EXCEPTIONS” and click the “Add User or Group” button. The “Add User or Group” dialog will appear.

  1. From the “Add User or Group” dialog, click the checkbox next to the student for which the additional time was requested and click the “Submit” button.
  2. The selected student will now appear under the “TEST AVAILABILITY EXCEPTIONS” section. You can now adjust the number of minutes in the TIMER textbox. Then click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page.

For a more detailed explanation, please refer to the following guide and video posted by Stetson Academic Success:




How can I post a link in Blackboard for students to download the Stetson version of Respondus Lockdown Browser?
  1. From your Blackboard course, click the “Add Menu Item” (+) button above the course name on the left side menu and select “Web Link”. The “Add Web Link” dialog will appear.

  1. From the “Add Web Link” dialog, enter the name of the web link in the “Name” field (e.g., “Respondus Lockdown Browser”, enter the URL https://www.respondus.com/lockdown/download.php?id=513954030 in the “URL” field, check the “Available to Users” checkbox, and click the “Submit” button.