Colloquium on Teaching & Learning Innovation

Colloquium 2024

Spring 2024

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The primary topicss of this year’s colloquium include: 
  • Inclusive pedagogy
  • Generative AI

Agenda (Subject to refinement)

  • Welcome and Opening Remarks 8:30am – 9:30am
    • 8:30am – 9:00am Continental Breakfast
    • 9:00am – 9:30am Opening remarks and overview
  • Morning Sessions: Creating Inclusive Learning Environments: Principles, Practices, and Perspectives 9:30am – 10:30am
    • Session 1 – What does and inclusive learning space look like?
    • Session 2 – Application of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) Principles in Curriculum Design and Teaching
    • Session 3 – Supporting Non-Traditional Learners: A Panel Discussion
  • Break 10:30am – 10:45am
  • Post Session Round Table Discussion: Critical Analysis of Discipline-Specific Inequities 10:45am – 11:30am
  • Lunch and Networking (Lunch Provided by Stetson University) 11:30am – 12:30pm
  • Afternoon Sessions: Teaching and Learning in the Age of AI 12:30pm – 1:15pm
  • Concurrent Sessions 1:30pm – 2:30pm
    • Session 1 – Bloom’s Taxonomy Meets Generative AI
    • Session 2 – Prompt Engineering: Creating more effective AI generated output
    • Session 3 – Using AI to create instructional materials and course resources to support student learning
  • Break 2:30pm – 2:45pm
  • Post-session Round Table Discussion: How can higher education institutions adapt their curricula, pedagogical approaches, and infrastructure to effectively integrate the rapidly advancing generative AI technologies and evolving educational model? 2:45pm – 3:30pm
  • Closing Remarks 3:30pm – 3:45pm


Lee Garage in the Carlton Union Building located on Stetson’s Deland Campus.

Questions? Contact [email protected] or (386) 822-7495

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The Colloquium is made possible by generous donations from Hyatt and Cici Brown, longstanding Trustees of Stetson University.