Brown Visiting Teacher-Scholars (BVTS)

Proposal Deadline: 15 Mar, 2021

The Teacher-Scholar Program deepens Stetson’s capacity, allowing our community the enduring benefits of interacting with original, even rapidly changing, knowledge across the disciplines. The Program’s rotating cycle of visiting fellows provides the flexibility necessary to respond to emerging challenges and student interests.

Annually, the Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence invites proposals from the Stetson community for residency fellowships that bring niche expertise to our learning community.

Submissions for the 2022-2024 Brown Teacher-Scholar Fellows are NOW OPEN!

  • Call for Proposals [pdf]
  • Cover Sheet [editable pdf]
  • Proposal Submission Guidelines [pdf]
  • Position Description Template [pdf]
  • Proposal Evaluation Rubric [pdf]

Critical Dates:

Dec-2020: Proposal Submissions Open
Mar-2021: Proposal submission deadline
May-2021: Awards announced
Sep-2021: Search committee convenes
Aug-2022: Contract start date (Tentative to Academic Calendar)


Position Descriptions for past Fellows:

~ promoting faculty excellence through learning