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WORLD Class is a Comprehensive Campus Internationalization Initiative aimed at elevating Stetson’s  core value of Global Citizenship as paramount to student success.  Here, faculty will find WORLD Class resources and ideas to support your work as you deliver on Stetson’s promise to graduate global citizens who dare to be significant.

Study Abroad
How to Plan & Lead Study Abroad
Marketing Your Faculty-Led Program
Budget Template Faculty-Led Programs
Faculty-Led Approval Process
Taxonomy: Designing High Impact Study Abroad Experiences
Aligning Student Learning Outcomes with Study Abroad
Study Abroad Planning Tool

WORLD Class Events
Travel Awards
Lunch  & Learn Series

Global Engagement Hub

Global Citizenship
Programs & Initiatives

Barga Simulation — 30–60 mins depending on group size. A simulation game designed to teach students the impact cultural context can have on human interactions. By appointment only. Contact Roxanne.

Acirema Simulation — 60 mins – 90 mins depending on group size. A simulation game designed to teach empathy for the international student experience. By appointment only. Contact Roxanne.

Lending Library
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WORLD Class – Comprehensive Campus Internationalization
International Education in Action: ACE American Council on Education
Leading Comprehensive Internationalization: Strategies and Tactics for Action
2017 Mapping Internationalization on U.S. Campuses 2017 Edition