WORLD: The David and Leighan Center for International Learning promotes and supports intercultural competence and global citizenship through programming that is safe, compliant, administratively and fiscally sound and intentionally designed to support student growth and transformation.

WORLD: The David and Leighan Center for International Learning will help advance the campus culture as an intercultural and transnational intellectual community, expanding the reach of Stetson University and sharing the university’s knowledge with the world while bringing the world to the University.

In Florida and around the world, the Rinker Center for International Learning will:

  • Enhance the intercultural awareness, experiences and learning of all students, both domestic and international, on and off the U.S. campuses
  • Increase the global engagement of faculty
  • Facilitate the internationalization of the curriculum
  • Strengthen the university’s trans-border collaborations
  • Increase the overall quality of the academic enterprise by attracting a diverse and rich multicultural mixture of students, faculty and academic partners to Stetson University

Our principles guide decision-making, resource, allocation, and program development.

  • Ensure high-impact, engaged, and transformative learning for students, faculty, staff, and the world community
  • Anchor work in theory and research, and make direct connection to student and faculty interests
  • Make meaningful contribution to the community and the world
  • Make excellence inclusive and accessible through meaningful reciprocal collaborations
  • Engage students in tackling complex challenges
  • Facilitate sustainable use of human and financial resources
  • Employ safe and compliant practices
  • Build on lessons learned