Global Citizenship Symposium

2018 Schedule of Events

Stetson’s inaugural Global Citizenship Symposium will kick off on April 6 at the Colloquium and culminate on April 17 during the annual Stetson Showcase. The 2018 Global Citizenship Symposium is designed for Stetson and the broader community to come together around the concept of global citizenship. For example, is Stetson University a global citizen? How are members of our community raising global citizenship as a core value? To that end, the Symposium will invite our Stetson community and the broader community to grapple with and implement viable collaborative actions to global issues of local and regional significance.

The theme for 2018 is “Immigration.”  As global and glocal phenomena, immigration is not only the topic of highly charged political debates, but also the site of crucial struggles for human and civil rights. The goal of Symposium is to connect conversations about these topics that are happening on our campus, start new ones, increase awareness of issues relating to local, regional, national and global cross-border movements, and generate concrete actions. The symposium will feature immigration from the lenses of education, laws and policy, economy and business, identity and the immigrant experience, and celebrating and sharing diversity across borders.

Theme: Immigration
Dates: April 6-17, 2018