NYU Faculty Resource Network: FAQ

Stetson University is a proud member of the New York University Faculty Resource Network  or FRN.   This membership is supported  by the Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence because it directly contributes the Center’s vision, illustrated by three guiding principles:

  • boundary-spanning: funding supports projects that build relationships, interconnections and interdependencies that span departmental and disciplinary boundaries.
  • innovative & high-impact: funding supports projects in which innovative strategies with the potential for high student impact are employed to engender learning.
  • inclusive communities of practice: funding supports projects that recognize the social nature of learning and the imperative of mindful inclusion of diverse peoples and their lived experiences by developing communities of individuals committed to excellence in education.
What is the Faculty Resource Network?

The Faculty Resource Network (FRN) at New York University is a consortium of over fifty institutions whose mission is to improve teaching and learning through faculty professional development. This consortium is a unique model of inter-institutional collaboration that makes high-caliber opportunities for continuous learning available to its member institutions.  The FRN programming is supported through funding from many institutions and organizations including the Ford Foundation. To learn more about FRN, visit their website.

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Is Stetson part of the consortium?

Yes!  In 2015, Stetson University was fortunate to become the only member of the consortium located in Florida through a competitive application.  The annual membership is funded through the Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence.  With institutional membership, Stetson faculty have access to lectures, symposiaintensive seminars, and scholar-in-residence programs designed to expand engagement in diverse scholarly experiences alongside colleagues from colleges and universities across the nation and world.

In her letter supporting Stetson’s application to the consortium, Dr. Wendy Libby envisioned membership in the Network as “an investment in our faculty and students” and to “ultimately strengthen our academic programs as these experiences influence professor productivity, satisfaction and retention as teacher-scholars who will serve as strong models and mentors for our students through active and invigorated teaching, learning and research programs.”

All Stetson faculty (and in some cases professional staff) are eligible to participate in FRN events.  In some cases, approval is required from the local FRN liaison, negotiated through the Brown Center.

What are the benefits?

There are a myriad of benefits to membership in the consortium. Participation in FRN programming develops university leaders by providing a context for global and domestic issues faced in higher education. Of primary benefit are the world-class opportunities for learning and development made available to Stetson faculty and professional staff.  Additionally, our partnership with FRN and its member institutions provides a platform for teacher-scholar exchange including …

What are the costs?

With the exception of the annual symposium, participation (registration, meals, accommodation) in FRN programs is included in our membership.  The costs of participation to participants are traveling to and from the event.  In addition to supporting the annual membership, the Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence offers partial scholarships (up to 50%) for participation in the intensive seminars.

Who has participated?

Many of our exceptional faculty and staff at Stetson University have benefited from participation in FRN programs.  For example …

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