Call for Proposals: 2015 Colloquium on Teaching and Learning

The Brown Center for Innovation and Excellence is pleased to announce and invite proposal submissions for Stetson’s inaugural Sharing Excellence Colloquium on Teaching and Learning. The Colloquium celebrates learning by highlighting the work of innovative teacher-scholars across all campuses. The 2015 Colloquium will showcase scholarly and inclusive teaching and learning projects that span all stages of development, across all facets of the teacher-scholar role. Presentations will highlight innovative learning activities and/or pedagogy that support Stetson University’s mission of being a “creative community where learning and values meet” to prepare graduates to lead lives of significance.

Proposals are especially invited from teacher-scholars seeking feedback on teaching and learning innovations as well as proposals from professional staff fostering learning in and outside of the classroom. A Brown Fellows Symposium will be a special highlight of the colloquium. The Colloquium is made possible by generous donations from Hyatt and Cici Brown to support faculty innovation and excellence.

Proposal Submission

Presentations should highlight innovative learning activities and/or pedagogy. Presentation styles can range from interactive plenaries to works-in-progress. Evidence of student learning or a plan to measure learning gains should be included wherever possible. Submissions should include preferred presentation type (plenary, demonstration/activity, Brown Fellows Symposium, or works-in-progress), presenter(s) contact information, and project description. Each submission requires a short abstract (35-word max) aimed at engaging your target audience. Abstracts will be published. Submit proposals at Proposal submission will trigger automatic registration of proposers. Direct questions to

2015 Topics

  • Innovators Wanted! I’ve Always Wanted To… Have an idea for a studio, lab, field, or class activity that you want to try but haven’t? Or that you’ve tried, but didn’t feel helped students meet the stated learning goals? Or that you’ve tried and you’ve experienced some learning successes? This session is for you! Come experiment with your new idea and get constructive feedback in a friendly, collaborative atmosphere. Innovation involves risk and this is a safe place to do both!
  • Putting The Hyphen In Teacher-Scholar: How have your teaching and scholarship informed one another? How does your scholarship at Stetson include the scholarship of teaching and learning? This session welcomes presentations that describe how teaching and disciplinary scholarship have informed one another as well as presentations about scholarly teaching and learning projects.
  • Engage Me! This session invites presentations on specific teaching and learning practices that have a high impact on student learning outcomes as described by Kuh (2008): Service learning and community-based engaged learning, undergraduate research and creative activity, first-year seminars and experiences, common intellectual experiences, writing intensive experiences, capstone courses and projects, collaborative assignments and projects, diversity and global learning
  • Measuring Learning: What do you want students to know and be able to do? How do we know what students are learning? How do we know how well students are learning? This session invites evidence-based presentations about student learning at the course, program, and general education levels.

Presentation Format

Presentations in this category should appeal to faculty across disciplines. Projects in this category should have some sophistication and be in middle or late stages of development. [90-minute session: 20-minute interactive presentations + 10-minute Q&A]

Concurrent Sessions
Brown Fellows Symposium: This session features presentations by Brown Fellows, Provost Faculty Fellows, and other faculty leaders supported by Brown innovation funding. [90-minute session: 15-minute interactive presentations + 5-minute Q&A]
Demonstration (Poster presentation, Roundtable Activity): Presentations in this category allow faculty to interact with the presenters. Presenters are encouraged to demonstrate classroom techniques or activities. Discussion roundtables and poster presentations are also encouraged. Projects in middle to late stages that have been tried in the classroom at least once are appropriate for this session. [90-minute session]
Works-in-Progress (Practice/receive feedback) [Roundtable]: This is a special session devoted to projects in early stages of development where feedback is desired. Projects in progress or that have not yet been tried in the classroom are appropriate for this session. [90-minute session]