Faculty Awards Sabbatical

2012-2013 Sabbatical Awards

Congratulations to the recipient of the 2012-2013 Sabbatical Awards:

Judy Burnett, Associate Professor of Counselor Education: Reproductive Health and Infertility Counseling: An Investigation of Issues and Challenges Created by Advances in Assisted Reproductive Technology

Erich Friedman, Associate Professor of Mathematics: An Introductory Graph Theory Text Appropriate For Freshmen Non-Majors

Phillip Lucas, Professor of Religious Studies: We Have Transcended the Constraints of Tradition: Neo-Advaitin Teachers Answer Their Traditionalist Critics

Megan O’Neill, Associate Professor of English: Immersion Writing Experiences in the First Year: Developmental Writers and Academic Success Profiles

Dan Plante, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science: Automated Design and Testing in Software Development

Mary Pollock, Professor of English: Gerald Durrell and the Zookeeper’s Dilemma

Mitchell Reddish, O.L. Walker Professor of Christian Studies, Chair of Religious Studies: Apocalypticism in the New Testament

Greg Sapp, Professor of Religious Studies and Hal S. Marchman Chair of Civic and Social Responsibility: The Imitatio Naturae Christi in Kierkegaard: A Study of Søren Kierkegaard’s Christology

Lori Snook, Associate Professor and Co-Chair of English: The Orange Grove: a full-length play

Nathan Wolek, Professor of Digital Arts and Music Technology: Merging, Enhancing and Extended Software Tools for Computer Music

Bobby Adams, Professor of Music Education: The Art of Interpreting Music Taught as a Development Skill

Lloyd Linney, Professor of music: A Study of Selected French Mélodies with Susan Manoff, Pianist and Vocal Coach, Paris Conservatory

Stephen Robinson, Professor of Music: A Compact Disc Recording of “Chamber Music with Guitar”

Becky Oliphant, Associate Professor of Marketing: Measuring Student Reaction with MBTI Scores to Teaching Effectiveness in International Settings

Gary Oliphant, Professor of Business: Uses of Group Projects in the Business Curricula

Barbara Costello, Associate Professor; Government Documents and Research Librarian: Politics, Policies, and Practices: Factors Affecting the Online Availability of Congressional Hearings Transcripts, 110th- 112th Congresses

Faculty Awards McEniry Awards

2013 William Hugh McEniry Award for Excellence in Teaching

Congratulations to the recipient of the 2013 William Hugh McEniry Award for Excellence in Teaching

Dr. Harry Price, Associate Professor of Chemistry