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First Year Student Advising 101 Lab

Stetson requires first-year students to complete an Advising 101 Lab prior to registering for spring courses. The lab helps the students to be better prepared for meeting with their faculty advisers to discuss their academic and career goals, and the selection of spring courses that would support those goals.

First-year students were told about the labs during FOCUS. The email copied below will be sent out to them on Wednesday with specific information about how to access the lab through Blackboard. When you are contacting your advisees to arrange for advising meetings, I recommend that you encourage the first-year students to complete the Advising 101 Lab prior to meeting with you.

If students are experiencing any issues or have any questions about the Advising 101 Lab you can direct them to Academic Advising at 386-822-7345 or [email protected].

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Advising 101 Labs for First Year Students

Note: all instructors will receive the same notice from associate deans of their respective college/school.

Dear Colleagues,

As faculty, you advise students with the goal that they critically think about their learning and make curricular decisions accordingly. Academic Success staff look forward to partnering with you in the advising process.

First-year students are required to participate in continual orientation (Advising 101) by completing a mandatory advising lab prior to the advising period for first-year students (November 6 through 10). There are four major outcomes for the first semester sessions:

1. Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the General Education Curriculum.
2. Students will be able to navigate the three major registration systems: degree audit, course search, and my Stetson One Stop.
3. Students will be able to articulate what they would like to learn and demonstrate how they can use Stetson University curriculum and high impact practices to design a unique learning experience.
4. Students will prepare tentative and alternate courses for Spring 2018 and key questions for their meetings with their faculty advisors.

Subsequently, first-year students should come to faculty advising meetings more prepared and with a better understanding of the curriculum, the logistics of registration, and deeper thinking about their own learning goals. A tangible outcome of the advising lab will be that students will enter at least 4 courses for the spring 2018 term in the planner in Degree Audit. Students must complete the Advising 101 Lab and meet with their advisor to obtain their registration PIN before they register.

First-year Discovery students and first-year Biology students will complete this lab in person; all other first-year students must complete an online lab through Blackboard.

Please direct any questions about this matter to your Associate and Assistant Dean(s) or Stacy Collins in Academic Success.

Thank you for your partnership in this important work!

George Glander, Ph.D.
Professor of Physics
Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences

on behalf of the Council of Undergraduate Associate Deans

Advising Announcements

Resource Reminder: Stetson SSC

This is a reminder that Stetson SSC (Student Success Collaborative) is available as a resource to all faculty at DeLand/Celebration through the Student Information area of your Faculty tab in My.Stetson.

Stetson SSC is great for:

  • Scheduling Meetings with students – extremely helpful for Advising Week.
  • Alerting Campus Life and Student Success so appropriate follow-up can be done for students in non-emergency distress.  Always call Public Safety or 911 in an emergency ?
  • Messaging (text or email) your students.
  • Reviewing student information (pre-college characteristics, academic performance, engagement with support services such as tutoring or success coaching) all in one spot.

Helpful user guides with step by step screen-capture instructions are available online (click the Training Materials link in the navigation menu). You can also book a training for yourself or your department by emailing Colin MacFarlane.

Advising Announcements

First-Year Advising Labs

All first-year students are required to attend a First-Year Advising Lab.

The purpose of the lab is to assist students in preparing to have discussions with their faculty advisors about course selection and how to include high impact practices in the student’s education. This lab will teach students more about the Stetson curriculum and how it impacts their specific goals. More