Faculty Awards Summer Grants

2015 Summer Grants for Faculty Research & Creative Inquiry

The Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs is pleased to congratulate our Stetson teacher-scholar faculty on the submission of proposals for innovative scholarship, research and creative inquiry. The following Summer Grants Program projects were recommended by the Professional Development Committee to the Provost for their outstanding potential and dedication to Stetson’s mission of teaching, research, and artistic development:

Jon Carrick, Global SME Resources Database (G-SMERD) Development

Wingyan Chung, Examining the Evolution of Twitter User Networks: The Case of U.S. Immigration Reform

Rachel Core, Institutional Change and Tuberculosis Control in Rural Shanghai, 1958-2003

Laura Crysel, Being the “Catcher in the Rye”: What is the Harm in Challenged Books

Joel B. Davis, The Countess of Pembroke’s Arcadia at the Huntington Library

Leigh DeLorenzi, The Research and Development of Gatekeeping Software for Counselor Educators

Michelle DeMoss, Case Analysis: Environmentally Sustainable Marketing Practices

Joshua Eckroth, Self-Reflective Intelligent Software Agents: Towards a More General Approach

Mayhill C. Fowler, After Empire?: Russia, Ukraine, and the Crisis of Post-Soviet Culture

Melinda Hall, Public Health and Risk Prevention: Bodies that Matter, Bodies that Don’t

Asal Mohamadi Johnson, Treatment and Survival Disparities in Lung Cancer: The Effect of Racial Residential Segregation

Eric Kurlander, Hitler’s Monsters: A Supernatural History of the Third Reich, 1919-1945 (with particular emphasis on Wartime Archival Sources, Published Primary Works, and Photo Archives)

Philip C. Lucas, Shiva Temples of the Five Elements in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, India: a Documentary Film

Craig W. Maddox, Voice Spectrography Application in the Teaching of Singing: A Website with Video, Audio, & Spectrographic Examples of Vocal Exercises Demonstrated by Multiple Voice Types and Multiple Levels of Development

Jason Martin, The Positive Effects of Transformational Leadership in Academic Libraries: A Qualitative Study

Emily Mieras, Nostalgia, History, and Place Marketing in National Main Street Center Communities

Nicole Mottier, Monitoring Financial Morality and Development through Debt in 1920s Mexico

William R. Nylen, Political Oppositions in Mozambique: Irrational Democratic Activism

Megan B. O’Neill, Points of Significance: Learning in a Writing Intensive Curriculum

Elisabeth Poeter, The Culture of ‘Völkerschau’ in Imperial Germany

Stephen Robinson, Arrangement and Compact Disc Recording of the Song Cycle Die schöne Müllerin by Franz Schubert, for voice and guitar

Rajni Shankar-Brown, More Than Not Having a Home: Unpacking Homelessness Through the Eyes of Children

Alexis N. Walker, Solidarity’s Wedge: How America’s Federalized Labor Law Divides and Diminishes Organized Labor in the United States

Nathan Wolek , Hosting a Jamoma developers’ workshop at Stetson

Daniil Zavlunov , Opera in Russia during the Reign of Nicholas I (1825-1855): A Cultural History