Faculty Awards Summer Grants

2018 Summer Grants for Faculty Research & Creative Inquiry

The Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs is pleased to congratulate our Stetson teacher-scholar faculty on the submission of proposals for innovative scholarship, research and creative inquiry. The following Summer Grants Program projects were recommended by the Professional Development Committee to the Provost for their outstanding potential and dedication to Stetson’s mission of teaching, research, and artistic development:

Robert Askew, The Impact of Rehabilitation Therapy on Post-Stroke Recovery

Carol Azab, Positive Frontline Employees in Service Recovery – Does it Matter?

Teresa Carmody, Archive: A Novel-Essay

Dengke Chen, A Comparative Study and Virtual Representation of Construction Technique and Traditional Carpentry of Dong and Han’s Wooden Architecture

Su Young Choi, Gifting Food/Money as Movement Media: Expanding a Practice Approach to Alternative Media Studies

Rachel Core, Tuberculosis Patients’ Experiences in Shanghai Before and After Socialist Health Reform

Randall Croom, Its’ Written All Over Your Face: Facial Hair and Competence Related Perceptions

Heather Evans-Anderson, A Co-Culture Model System to Examine Endothelial-Cardiomyocyte Interactions

Mayhill Fowler, Theater on the Frontlines of Socialism: Researching Soviet Military Theater in Ukraine

Deborah Goldring, Proactive Re-Branding and the Influence of Marketing Intermediaries

Kelly Hall, The Effects of Implicit Goal Strivings, Task Characteristics, and Mentoring on Meaningful Work

Chris Jimenez, Pinpointing “Global’ Discourse through Large-Scale Computational Analysis of Global Anglophone Literature

Asal Johnson, Racial Segregation and Lung Cancer Outcomes by Patient Characteristics in Florida

Lynn Kee, Shaping the Iridescent Green Structural Color of Marine Bacterial Biofilms

Sean Kennard, CD Recording of 20th Century American Piano Music

Eric Kurlander, Before the Final Solution: A Global History of the Nazi “Jewish Question”

Danielle Lindner, Psychometric Evaluation of the Self-Objectification Beliefs and Behaviors Scale in College Men

John Lychner, Developments in Education, Specifically Music Education, for Students from Migrant Families

Karen Merritt, A Phonetic Study: Preparing Performance Aids for Songs in the Languedoc Dialect

Stuart Michelson, Perceived versus Actual Investor Sophistication: A Behavioral Study

Emily Mieras, “The Gold-Panner, the Textile Worker, and the Piney Woods Hoteliers: History, Memory, and the Creation of Tourist and Business Destinations in Georgia and South Carolina

Khushbu Mishra, Gender and Willingness to Pay for Insured Loans: Empirical Evidence from Ghana

Mary Pollock, Gerald Durrell and the Little Ones of God (Chapters 3 & 4)

Leila Roach, Exploration and Expansion of Mental Health Services in Bhutan

Benjamin Tanner, Sediment Archive of Seagrass Dynamics in Mosquito and Indian River Lagoons

Chaz Underriner, Mimesis, Murakami, and Multimedia Art: Parallel Worlds in Performance

Kirsten Work, How Do Fish Assemblages Differ in North Temperate, South Subtropical, and Arid West Spring Habitats?

John York, Understanding the Binding of Zinc, Mercury, and Cadmium to Sulfur-Containing Compounds: Implications for Human Health and Disease

Daniil Zavlunov, The Afterlife Of Tselostnyä-Analiz (Holistic Analysis): Topic Theory in Soviet Musicology