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Faculty Awards Summer Grants

2019 Summer Grants for Faculty Research & Creative Inquiry

The Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs is pleased to congratulate our Stetson teacher-scholar faculty on the submission of proposals for innovative scholarship, research and creative inquiry. The following Summer Grants Program projects were recommended by the Professional Development Committee to the Provost for their outstanding potential and dedication to Stetson’s mission of teaching, research, and artistic development:

Fazal Abbas, Mathematical Modeling of Blood Flow in Human Artery thorough Bifurcation

Isabel Botero, When non-family firms use a family language as part of their brand: Exploring the family business brand effect

Teresa Carmody, Archive: A Novel-Essay

John Carrick, The Stetson Unicorn List

Su Young Choi, Gifting Food/Money as Movement Media

Rachel Core, “Tuberculosis Patients’ Experiences in Shanghai before and after Socialist Health Reform”

Roslyn Crowder, How Does the Plant-based Compound Genistein Kill Lung Cancer Cells?

Joel Davis, Shakespeare’s Muse of Fire: The life and works of Sir Philip Sidney

Michael Eskenazi, Intentional and Incidental Word Learning: The Importance of Context

Sarah Garcia, tDCS for the Treatment of Anxiety in Young Adults

Sharmaine Jackson, The Unmaking of a Gangbanger

Christopher Jimenez, Pinpointing ‘Global’ Discourse through Large-scale Computational Analysis of Global Anglophone Literature

Asal Johnson, Social Epidemiology of Bladder Cancer in Florida, 2000-2014

Lynn Kee, Shaping the iridescent green structural color of marine bacteria biofilms

Sean Kennard, CD Recording published by Delos: Sonatas for Cello and Piano by Samuel Barber and Sergei Rachmaninoff

Eric Kurlander, Shanghai as East Asian “Solution” to the Nazi “Jewish Question”

John Lychner, Achieving “Flow” in Musical Experiences— Employing the concepts and approaches of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in Music Rehearsals and Performances

Karen Merritt, Recording project: Songs of Occitania

Daniel Plante, ShakeDown: A New Ultra Efficient Distributed Denial of Service Attack

Yohann Ripert, “Transatlantic Diplomacy Between Senegal and the United States: 1960-81”

Kelly Smith, Laboratories of Bureaucracy: How Bureaucrats Learn Across States

Charles Underriner, Moving