FSEM Showcase

NEW FSEM Leadership

Martin Blackwell

Dear Colleagues, 

I’m taking over the leadership of the FSEM Program from Dr. Ranjini Thaver from here forward. I’m  lucky to be leading such a vibrant program and I’ve tried to latch on to all of the successful efforts made to make FSEM work at Stetson with a new Canvas site available here….  (links to an external site)

Your FSEM Faculty course page contains much of the information you need to know to prepare for fall 2021. The FSEM Handbook is located there, for example, as well as a new archive of important documents which shows where we’ve come from over the past ten years.

The Frequently Asked Questions document is my attempt to get out ahead of the curve with the coming semester. But I am available at [email protected] if you have any additional queries or need for clarification, of course.     

(Soon, I’ll be back with a calendar of events for the coming year among other things.)  

Sincerely yours, 

Dr. Martin Blackwell
Director of the FSEM Program
Visiting Professor of History
Department of History
Stetson University
DeLand, Florida 32373

Faculty Mini-Grants First Year Seminar

2021 FSEM Pedagogical Course Development Grants

Stetson University is committed to the professional development of FSEM faculty to build faculty capacity in writing, information literacy, general pedagogical tools, advising, and other learning areas core to the first-year seminar experience. Congratulations to our 2021 FSEM mini-grants winners!

Christopher de Bodisco

Christopher de Bodisco, Assistant Professor of Economics

Katya Kudryatseva

Katya Kudryavtseva, Assistant Professor of Art History

Julia Schmitt

Julia Schmitt, Professor of Theatre Arts and Chair of the Creative Arts Department

Rajni Shankar-Brown

Rajni Shankar-Brown, Professor and Jessie Ball duPont Endowed Chair of Social Justice Education

Ranjini Thaver

Ranjini Thaver, Professor of Economics

Chaz Underriner

Chaz Underriner, Assistant Professor of Digital Arts