Faculty Awards Summer Grants

2016 Summer Grants for Faculty Research & Creative Inquiry

The Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs is pleased to congratulate our Stetson teacher-scholar faculty on the submission of proposals for innovative scholarship, research and creative inquiry. The following Summer Grants Program projects were recommended by the Professional Development Committee to the Provost for their outstanding potential and dedication to Stetson’s mission of teaching, research, and artistic development:

Cynthia Bennington and Peter May, Pollinator dynamics in a human-modified landscape

Jon Carrick, Global SME Case Series

Valrie Chambers, Potential Tax Implications of Family Travel Allowances on NCAA

Rachel Core, The Tuberculosis Clinic at Three Critical Junctures

Paul Croce, William James’s Theory of Attention and his Psychology of Philosophizing

Roslyn Crowder, Killing Lung Cancer: An Examination of Naturally Occuring Plant-Based Compound Genistein

Christopher de Bodisco, Mitigating the Impacts of Climate Change: A Case Study Approach

Ana Eire, An Anthology of Contemporary Galician Poetry

Mayhill C. Fowler, The Military-Entertainment Complex in the USSR

Alan Green, Stages of Growth and Economic Development: Providing a Framework for Analysis

Asal Mohamadi Johnson, The Effects of Racial Segregation on Breast Cancer Stage at Diagnosis, Treatment and Survival Among Black Women

Grace Kaletski, The Value of Knowledge Practices in Student Learning: Faculty Perceptions of ACRL’s Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education at Stetson University

Eric Kurlander, Modern Germany: A Global History, 1500-present

Danielle Lindner, Deconstructing Body Image Disturbance

Dejan Magoc, The 5-2-1-0 Childhood Program in the DeLand Community

Richard Medlin, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Children and Adolescents

Stuart Michelson, The Behavioral Relationship Between Personality Type and Investor Risk Preferences

Nicole Mottier, The Persistence of Moneylending in Mexico

Lynn Musco, Dark Matter

Mary Ellen Oslick, Literacy Across the Content Areas with the 2016 Orbis Pictus Award

Jelena Petrovic, Safe Border Crossers, Proper Citizens, and Eastern Others: Serbian News Coverage of refuge Crisis in Europe

Douglas Phillips, A Coda – Repertoire, Commissions, and Premieres: Gary Green and the Frost Wind Ensemble’s Last Years Together (2012-2015)

Mary Pollock, Gerald Durrell’s Animal Tales: A New Biography

Joshua Rust, Traditional Authority, Loyalty, and Social Ontology

Matt Wilson, 2015 NCAA Division I Power 5 Conference Men’s and Women’s Basketball Coaching Contracts: A Comparative Analysis of Incentives for Athletic and Academic Team Performance

Joseph Woodside, Transforming Healthcare Provider and Patient Power Dynamics-Exploring the Impact of Mobile Healthcare

Daniil Zavlunov , Opera in Russia during the Reign of Nicholas I (1825-1855): A Cultural History (Phase II)