Faculty Engagement at Stetson University


Faculty advancement is defined as faculty progression for career enhancement across the lifespan of the faculty role at Stetson University. The Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs currently supports a full range of faculty career progression and academic enhancement including:

  • appointments and personnel affairs
  • orientation and onboarding
  • faculty development
  • career enhancement (e.g. sabbatical leave; grants to boost scholarly teaching, research and creative inquiry, and international learning)
  • annual review
  • merit review and award
  • pre-tenure review
  • tenure and promotion
  • grantsmanship
  • awards and nominations for external recognition
  • administrator development (including academic deans, chairs, program coordinators)
  • other administrator development (e.g. directors, coordinators)
  • development of emerging leaders (e.g. Provost Faculty Fellows, committee chairs)
  • endowed chair appointments
  • emeritus faculty recognition

The Office of Faculty Engagement comprises one of several units at the Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs dedicated to supporting teacher-scholar faculty enhancement and advancement at Stetson University.

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