Excellence in Teaching First-Year Seminars Award

The National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and McGraw-Hill Higher Education annually awards the Excellence in Teaching First-Year Seminars Award to one exceptional teacher at the annual First-Year Experience Conference.

The winner will receive:

  • Excellence in Teaching First-Year Seminars plaque
  • Cash award of $1,000
  • Travel expenses to attend the annual First-Year Experience Conference up to $750

A dean or chief academic officer can submit one nomination from the university. Nominate an instructor who has achieved great success in teaching first-year seminars and who inspires student learning, development, and success. The selection committee includes a national panel composed of members and former members of the Advisory Board of the National Resource Center, past outstanding first-year student advocates, and other leaders in American higher education.

Award Details 

Important Dates:
August: Submission for nominations opens
February: Award recipient is be recognized at the Annual Conference on The First-Year Experience

Sponsored by McGraw-Hill Education and The National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience & Students in Transition, University of South Carolina

Announcements FSEM Showcase


Salvage, a Craft Activism Fashion Show is a collaboration with Stetson University students where they have created clothing based off of the stories of survivors of abuse. They have selected the most powerful quotes and screen-print onto t-shirts as a form of Statement Art. This runway of artistic expression will be set behind music and spoken words.

Domestic Abuse is an issue we hear about more than often, but what we don’t hear much about is what happens to the survivors after they have left the situation. Most times they are faced with other issues of homelessness, addiction, mental health or a continued cycle of violence. We rarely have the opportunity to hear their stories. It is from their stories we can learn how to support them as they rebuild their lives.

Find below a link to Madison Creech’s FSEM Fashion Show to take place on November 16 in the Artisan Alley Garage .

Facebook link:   Salvage: A Wearable Art show

Madison Creech is a Brown Teacher-Scholar Fellow in Creative Arts at Stetson University. Madison’s work highlights a number of key learning areas at Stetson: FSEM outcomes, the Brown Teacher-Scholar Fellow Program, FSEM class, community engagement project.

Madison is a multimedia artist with a dedication to mixing digital fabrication with traditional textile processes. Textiles not only inhabit all aspects of our lives today, they also have an engrained material language that is informed by history and culture.

For tickets and more information: