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Discovery Initiative Launched

Stetson University has renewed its emphasis on guiding Discovery Students through the process of exploring a major. In our efforts to have a more intentional process of discovery for these students and to encourage the development of a ‘home’ in the Discovery major, we have launched a pilot Discovery cohort project in Fall 2017 comprising three important components:

Small Discovery Student Cohorts
Five first year seminars have been designated as Discovery FSEMs. Discovery students will be encouraged to register for one of these seminars:

  • The Search for Wisdom (Queen-Sutherland)
  • Hero’s Journey (Distler)
  • Water, Peace & Prosperity (de Bodisco)
  • Writing for the Health of It (Radley)
  • Medicines, Drugs and Toxins (York)

Linked Courses
Registered students will be automatically enrolled in one other specific course whose content aligns well with the FSEM and is a common course taken by students in their first semester.

  • SOCI 101S – Understanding Society: An Introduction to Sociology (Auyong)
    • Every Hero Has a Story
  • BIOL 142P – Introductory Biology: Animal and Plant Physiology (Work)
    • Medicines, Drugs, and Toxins
  • PSYC 101S – Introduction to Psychology (King)
    • The Search for Wisdom
  • ECON 103S – Essentials of Economics (Sanders)
    • Water, Peace, and Prosperity
  • BIOL 142P – Introductory Biology: Animal and Plant Physiology (May)
    • Writing for the Health of It

Professional Advising
Each discovery students will be assigned a professional, secondary advisor. Miguel Ortiz Burgos, coordinator of First-Year Academic Advising, is the secondary advisor to all first year students in the Discovery program. A faculty member will continue to function as the primary advisor, and the FSEM instructor will continue to provide the mentoring component associated with the seminar.


Faculty Awards Willa Dean Lowery Grant

Willa Dean Lowery Awards 2017

We congratulate our winners of the 2017 Willa Dean Lowery Fund to Support Research in the Natural Sciences:

Ben Tanner & Jason Evans, Associate Professors of Environmental Science

Determination of Past Shifts of the Salt Marsh/Mangrove Ecotone

Roslyn Crowder

Roslyn Crowder, Associate Professor of Biology

Examination of Genistein-induced Oxidative Stress and Apoptosis in
Lung Cancer Cells