FSEM Instructor Announcements: September 2017

August 2017 Announcements

FSEM Instructors:
Find below a few announcements from the FSEM Team.

  • Student Progress:  With your help, we are successfully facilitating several first-year student concerns. In response to Colin MacFarlane’s alert notice on first-year student progress, we received a strong 52% response from you.  Academic Success is now reaching out to the 7% FSEM students identified as at-some-risk.
  • Measuring Learning: We will provide soon an update FSEM evaluation.
  • FSEM Syllabus:  We are in receipt of all syllabi. Thank you. Click here to indicate your interest (or not) in sharing your syllabus with other instructors. Look out for information soon on how to access the FSEM Syllabus Library.
  • TA Syllabus: Thank you to all who have already submitted TA syllabi; however, a few syllabi are still outstanding. Find here examples of TA syllabi. Note: Per Stetson Course Syllabus Policy, all courses require a syllabus. Submit your TA syllabus by October 1, 2017.
  • Class Experience Budget: Each FSEM has a class experience budget of $150 to spend on an activity that is social, academic, or both.
  • Discovery Initiative: Five FSEM instructors are participating in a Discovery-FSEM Initiative. The pilot, launched this summer, aims to guide undecided students through the process of exploring a major.
  • FSEM Manual: The 2013 FSEM Manual is now live as is the draft of the new FSEM Manual & Resource Guide. If you have interest in providing content for the new manual, contact us.
  • Teaching & Inquiry Circles: Are you considering an FSEM circle or related idea? There is a rolling deadline for instructors to apply for circle grants. The call remains open as long as resources are available.  
  • First Year Success Resources: Thank you to the many of you who have sent forward resources on first-year student success to build the library of FSEM Resources. Continue to send ideas and practices, as well as articles and other resources that facilitate scholarly teaching.
  • Reminder: The following areas have provided resources. Click on each for details.

October 2-3: Fall Break
October 6: University Faculty Meeting
October 13: Preliminary Fall 2018 list of FSEM offerings due to Deans Everett and Glander with copy toTrena (CAS instructors)
October 18: Mid-term grade due to Registrar via Banner Web by 10 a.m.
October 18: Open House @ WORLD; 4:30-6:00 pm; 635 Bert Fish Rd, Deland, FL 32723

As we dig into a new academic year and celebrate another Values Day, it is with gratitude that I recognize your safety after Hurricane Irma disrupted your personal and professional lives, and our campus function.

Welcome back.

Interim FSEM Director
Associate Provost for Faculty Development
Professor of Chemistry and Education
[email protected]


FSEM Schedule Disrupted by Hurricane Irma

UPDATE: FSEMs, previously scheduled to end on Tuesday, Nov. 21, will now be taught through Tuesday, Dec. 5.

Stay tuned for updates on the FSEM class schedule from the Provost.  Dates are determined in consultation with the Registrar’s Office.

Questions? Email [email protected]


Hurricane Irma Update, 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2017

Some power has been restored to some locations, allowing these updates for students.

The Lynn Business Center in DeLand is fully functional and DeLand graduate programs for the School of Business Administration will resume on Thursday, Sept. 14, 2017.

DeLand graduate programs for the College of Arts and Sciences previously scheduled for Thursday and Saturday in Davis Hall will be moved to the Lynn Business Center, and students will receive information from their faculty about the location of classes.

The Center at Celebration’s power is on. The facility is undamaged and will reopen for on Thursday to hold their graduate programs on site at the Celebration campus.

Undergraduate classes at the DeLand campus remain canceled, and residence halls and apartments are closed until Duke Energy can fully restore power to the university. The earliest that undergraduate classes will resume is Monday, Sept. 18, 2017. Unlike some universities and colleges in the region that either never lost power or already have power restored, Stetson University’s main campus remains without power, and that includes the central cooling plant that services most of the university residence halls and classrooms. Until power is restored to the main campus, the university is not able to set a specific date for classes to resume, residence halls to reopen and the campus to reopen.

Some essential personnel have been asked to return to work to support the resumption of graduate programs at the Celebration campus and in DeLand at the Lynn Business Center on Thursday.

Stetson University College of Law faces a similar situation. It cannot resume classes and cannot open campus until power is restored. As a result, all classes and activities are canceled through Sunday, Sept. 18, including weekend classes scheduled for this weekend. The College of Law has asked faculty, staff and students to plan for resumption of operations on Monday, Sept. 18, 2017.

The next update will be at 6 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017.


Stetson Officials Closely Monitoring Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma Update, Sept. 5, 12:30 p.m.

Stetson University’s Office of Public Safety and its Emergency Management Team are closely watching the direction and progress of Hurricane Irma, now a category five hurricane, as it approaches the British Virgin Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. There are multiple paths the hurricane can take this week including over Central Florida, potentially impacting Stetson University’s campus locations in DeLand, Celebration, Tampa and Gulfport. More