Course Design for Transformative Learning – Spring Registration

The Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence is once again offering the  multi-part course design (or redesign) workshop series in the Spring 2018 semester. Through this engaging, hands-on series of workshops, participants will use backward design to develop innovative courses that …

  • foster transformative learning experiences.
  • engage students with complex questions.
  • use a dilemma, issue or question as an organizational principle.
  • clearly defines learning around Essential Learning Outcomes.
  • includes pedagogical practices and strategies that have high-impact on learning and are inclusive of all learners.
  • uses authentic assessment to measure learning at the source.

All workshops will be held in LBC 136

Workshop  Topics

Monday, February 5 – 1:30 -3pm: What’s the Big Idea? – engage students through complex questions.

Monday, February 19 – 1:30-3pm: Essential Learning Goals – write learning goals that are appropriately challenging, foster critical thinking and prepare students for success as global citizens.

Monday, March 12 – 1:30-3pm: High-impact Pedagogies – develop inclusive assignments and activities that challenge.

Monday, March 26 – 1:30-3pm: Authentic Assessment– create assessments that reliably measure student learning, promote critical thinking, improve your grading experience.

Monday, April 23 – 1:30 – 3pm: Reflect & Share – share your work with your peers.

All workshops will be held in LBC 136

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