The 2018-19 Stetson Spotlight Series continues on November 16 with a presentation by Dr. Chaz Underriner, Assistant Professor of Digital Arts, who will speak on “Mimesis, Murakami, and Multimedia Art: Parallel Worlds in Performance”.

Date: Friday, November 16
Time: 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Location: Lynn Business Center – 124
Snacks will be available. All are welcome!

Please encourage your students to attend.

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Mimesis, Murakami, and Multimedia Art: Parallel Worlds in Performance”

The artistic techniques of mimesis—the representation of reality in art—make it possible to “render the unreal familiar or the real strangely unfamiliar.” The author, a composer and intermedia artist, uses mimetic techniques in acoustic composition, video art, and field recording to reimagine everyday experience, as in Landscape: Home. In this presentation, the author analyzes passages from the novel Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami to understand Murakami’s use of “parallel worlds” and the “reality effect.” This literary analysis aims to highlight the potential of mimetic techniques for artistic practice in sound and image, particularly in the author’s Landscape series.

Chaz Underriner, Ph.D., (b. 1987 in Texas, USA) is a composer, intermedia artist and performer based in DeLand, Florida. Most of Underriner’s work revolves around the notions of landscape and portraiture in the context of experimental music. He has composed works for solo instruments, chamber ensembles, chamber and symphony orchestras, jazz combos, electronics, film, dance and choir.

Stetson Spotlight Series

The Stetson Spotlight Series at Stetson University is a showcase of faculty research, creative inquiry, and other scholarly engagement to the campus community. Presenters are primarily recipients of grant awards through the Stetson Summer Grant Program.

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